Hi everyone! This is Kat and my dream finally came true on Saturday, Feb 12th, 2000. I met Simon Rex! Let me tell you my experience. Get comfortable because this is a pretty long encounter.

I had tickets to the NBA All Star Jam Session for Saturday and I brought my friend Tracy along. We got there at about 10:45 a.m. and we decided to ask around to see which celebrities were going to be there. I had received a tip that Simon might show up there. I was really excited and I was well prepared because I had brought 2 rolls of film and my favorite full-page picture of Simon for him to sign just in case I met him. Anyway Tracy and I covered all four tents. There were lots of basketball games for kids to play and a few food stands, but we weren’t interested in any of the games. We wanted to meet celebrities, especially Simon Rex and Kobe Bryant (Tracy’s favorite!). We finally came across the entertainment stage and I saw that they were having some sort of autograph session. There were only like 15 people waiting in line to get the autographs. We walked closer to see which celebrities were up there, but we had no clue who they were. So we said forget it, and we decided to check out the “center court” where there would be a celebrity slam-dunk game. We got there, but there was nothing much happening on the court at that time so we decided to take another walk. We asked a bunch of employees to see if they could give us some inside info about the celebrities, but none of them knew anything. Then we some how ended back to where the autograph session was and there was a new set of celebrities at the table. I still didn’t know any of the people up there except for Bill Bellamy ( sp?). There was also a really cute guy up there name Cameron, I think he was from the soap “All my children”, but I wouldn’t know since I don’t watch soap operas. We tried to get in line to get there autograph but they said that they couldn’t get in line because the celebs had to go, but we could wait for the next set. So we decided to wait for the next group of celebrities to come out. And while we were waiting I was talking to the guy that worked there and I asked him if Simon Rex was coming. And he said that he said “yes”, but he wasn’t sure when he would get here. When I heard that I was so happy! So we waited in line and found out that the next celebrities were Jerry O’ Connell and Charlie O’ Connell. They were really cool guys, very down to earth and super nice! So we got their autographs and took a picture with them.

I told Tracy that I wanted to get good seats for the celebrity slam-dunk contest and that the show was going to start in 30 min. So we headed to the “center court” and right when we were about to enter, the security guys closed the doors and wouldn’t let us through! They said that it was all full! AHHH! So I was really upset, and we started to talk to the security guys and they said that when more people exit the court then we would be able to enter. So we talked to them for ten minutes and they were really nice guys. They looked a lot older than they were because they were only 18 and 19. Haha ok I’m getting off track. Anyway they finally let us in and the place was packed! So we managed to find a seat in the far back of the bleachers. Then after a few minutes we saw that some people were leaving in the front so we quickly ran down there and got 2nd row seats! Finally the slam-dunk game started and a bunch of celebrities ran out on the court, including Simon Rex! We watched them practice their dunking skills and then they asked each celebrity to do like 2 dunks and the judges would judge them on how well they did. Well I was beginning to get nervous that this was the only chance I would get to see Simon so I decided that I would write a letter to him while I was sitting in the bleachers. So I ripped out a piece of white notebook paper and wrote a crappy chicken scratch letter telling Simon about my site and how I was a really big fan and blah blah blah. Then I got out of my seat and tried to get down near the court to ask one of the employees if they could give it to Simon, but they were really mean and told me that I had to go back to my seat or leave. So I was really upset, but then I had a really funny idea! There were a bunch of people dressed up as animal mascots roaming around the court and I spotted a big furry husky dog guy in the middle of the court. I motioned like crazy for him to come over and the guy in the dog suit was like “ME??” and then I nodded and pointed to him saying “Yeah You!”. So the dog jumped over the barrier and came over to the bleachers and gave me a big hug, and I was like “no no, I don’t want a picture with you, but could you please give this to Simon Rex for me??? He is number 10 over there in blue!!!”. The dog nodded and ran back to the court with my letter and handed it to Simon. Simon was like “HUH?? Why is this big dog giving me a letter!” (hahaha!). And Simon began to read it. Tracy was freaking out saying “Oh my god! He’s reading your letter!!!”. Then he looked up from reading and tried to figure out who had wrote it. I was jumping up and down saying “ME!!!!”, but he didn’t see me.

I had a feeling that he might be at the autograph session so we left the celeb game early to get in line. But when we got there Simon’s name was not listed on the board. I was really disappointed, but there was an actor from the show Buffy (Tracy’s fav show) there so we decided to wait in line anyway. We were half way there and then the most amazing thing happened! They added Simon Rex’s name to the list! I was ecstatic and Tracy was really happy for me because she knew how big a fan I was! As we were inching closer and closer to Simon I started to get really paranoid. I was saying stuff like "Oh no! What if Simon is mean to me?" "What if he thinks I'm psycho! Oh no! I don't want to do this anymore!" I had put him on such a high pedastool that if I didn't have a good experience I would be totally crushed. But Tracy assured me that everything would be ok and that I was acting crazy! Finally it was our turn to get the autographs. There were 5 celebs at the table, First it was that guy, Mark, from Buffy, and then it was Simon and then 3 other guys who I didn’t know. I let Tracy go first and she started to talk to Mark, then I went up and started talking to him too. He was so nice and so Tracy and I took a picture with him. Then while I was getting my autograph from Mark, Tracy was talking to Simon. She said to him, “hi! You were really cool on MTV!” Then Simon said “thanks you were really cool for watching,” and he signed a piece of white paper and wrote on it, “Tracy, Don’t SMOKE –Simon Rex”. (hahaha I have no clue where that came from!). Then the moment I’ve been waiting for all my life, it was my turn! I turn to Simon and say “Hi Simon!” and he said “Hi!” And then I said, “You know that letter that you got on the court? Well that was from me.” Then he goes “That was you? Cool.” Then he said “Nice to meet you!” and took out his hand for me to shake it! So I shook his hand and then he was about to sign that white piece of paper and I said “Wait! Can you sign THIS for me?” and I BUST out with my big picture of Simon for him to sign! (lol! I’m such a dork!) He had this surprised look on his face and said “Oh! Sure!” And then he signed his name. (he probably thought I was nutz!!! Hahah!) After he signed it there was this cameraman filming me and asked me if that was a picture of Simon? And I said “yes” and he asked me to pose for the camera with my autograph! Then after that I turn to Simon and he asked me if I caught the celebrity slam-dunk game? And I said, “yeah I did.” Then he said something in the lines of “Oh I didn’t do very well.” And I shook my head and said “NO! You were GREAT!” Then I asked “Do you think I could get a picture of with you?” And Simon said “Sure!” and he got up from his seat and leaned in for a picture! His head was really close to mine and I could hear him breathing and He even put his arm on my shoulder! It was so cool and was so relieved that he was soooo nice! Then I said, “thank you” and went on to the next 3 celebrities.

I was so proud of myself because I promised that I wouldn’t freak out when I met him and I didn’t! I was as cool as a cucumber! Hehe. And he is a really great guy! He looks 10 times better in person, which I didn’t think was humanly possible since he looked so great on camera already. Anyway it was closing time and so we went outside in the pouring rain and ran to my car. We were still in shock. The encounter didn’t sink in to our heads until we were on the freeway and I popped in my ‘N SYNC CD and we started singing a song called “You Got It!” And we were laughing and screaming and saying that this song was me and Simon’s song, because all the lyrics explained exactly how I felt! Then we started to get a little crazy and we rolled down the windows and started singing at the top of our lungs and yelling We met Simon Rex!!!! AHHH!!! Hahah…and all the cars and people were looking at us like we were on crack or something! Anyway that’s my story! And it was one of the best experiences of my life and something I will never ever forget! 

Click HERE! to see the pics that I took of Simon on that day.