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It was a short hop from a Tommy Hilfiger billboard to the MTV Studio for model-turned-VJ Simon Rex. This bright and funny 21-year-old (now 25) has been selected as the new host of "MTV'S Most Wanted," the viewer-based daily countdown show that airs from 7:30PM to 8:00PM, Mondays through Thursdays, and debuts this week in a new time format, Friday nights from 8:30PM to 9:30PM (ET/PT).

An only child, Simon was raised in an old Victorian house in San Francisco by his self-avowed "hippie" mother, enjoying the ethnic diveristy in what he calls "the worlds most liveable city." Always interested in sports, the lanky, 5'10 cutup ("I'll admit it -- I was the class clown") discovered street basketball at an early age and has pursued it with a passion, from the hills of San Francisco to Tompkins Square Park, near his new home in Manhattan. Fluency in Spanish and a good jump shot have quickly made him a fixture in the area's two-on-two pickup games.

A longstanding love for clothes first brough Simon to Los Angeles as the age of 18, in an effort to turn his good looks and sense of style into a paying modeling career. Before long, his face became synonymous with the casual street fashions of Tommy Hilfiger, the label that soon sent him on print, runway and television commercial gigs abroad. It was on such a trip that Simon realized his modeling career could take him farther than Paris and Milan: the next stop was the MTV Studio.

Nowadays you'll find the loose and funny Simon Rex dressed like he might be going out to a club...since, well, he might be going out to a club. While his music and preferences range way off the MTV playlist (you might find Black Sabbath or Led Zepplin on his walkman), Simon holds Pauly Shore and Jon Stewart up as examples for how he wants to do his new job. Although he is looking to make people laugh and have fun on the air, he is still in touch with the music scene, with his new music tastes toward New Soul, Hip Hop and Funk.

And though he knows "MTV'S Most Wanted" chooses its videos by democratic process, he's hoping the voters at home will pick his favorites.

It sure is a world away from his first foray into the entertainment business a few years back, when he starred in such gems as "Young, Hard, and Solo", "Hot Sessions II", and "Hot Sessions III".

full credit for this text goes to MTV