Backstage Pass with Simon Rex

We were all shocked when Felicity gave up her virginity to sensitive artist Eli- played by Simon Rex, 25- instead of long-termed boyfriend Noel. Well, Rex won't be using a painter's palette as a prop to woo women anymore; he'll be drawing mean pints at the local pub as Mikey on the WB's Jack and Jill

Describe Jack and Jill's Mikey.
He's the goofy guy who thinks he's really smart; the bartender who gets the girls but can't keep them.
So are you more like Eli or Mikey?
Mikey. I have a lot of issues with girls; relationships are hard for me. But who are they easy for? And Mikey's kind of a swinget who doesn't take everything too seriously.
Will anyone on the new show be losing her virginity to Mikey?
I doubt it- then I'd just be stereotyped forever. But Jack and Jill takes place after college, and not too many people that age are still virgins.
Article courtesy of Seventeen Magazine