Frequently Asked Questions

1.) AHH!!! Simon Rex! you are so fine! Can i get an autographed picture?
Answer: As it says so in the disclaimer we are NOT and I repeat WE ARE NOT SIMON REX!This is a completely fan-run site. We have no affliation with Simon Rex or the WB. We are just 2 fans, so please no more of these kind of messages.

2.) Then how do I reach Simon?
Answer:If you would like to write to Simon please check out the Contact section of our website and find out how.

3.) What do you use to make the graphics?
Answer: The graphics were made by me, KAT. I mainly use Adobe Photoshop and also a program called Microsoft's "PICTURE IT."

4.) Hey can you guys send me some pictures?
Answer:That's what the pic gallery is for deary. We have not disabled the right mouse button so right click and choose "Save As". You are welcome to print out or save the pics for your personal use, but for your PERSONAL USE ONLY!!!!

5.) Can I use some of your pictures for my own website?
Answer: Sorry, but the pics are exclusive to this site. Most of the pictures are VERY rare and took a TON of effort and hardwork to find, buy, collect and scan. So please keep the pictures for your personal use only. Thanks! :D

6.) WOW! I love your site! Can you help make one for me?
Answer: Unfortunately we are at a very busy time right now. We have college applications, SATs and finals and Jan has to go to work almost everyday on top of that. We also each have other websites that we have to maintain. We are entirely too busy to help make a page for you, sorry. If you need help with HTML here is a great place that gives you tutoring on how to make a good webpage HTML Goodies. You can also make pages at HOMESTEAD where you don't even have to know any HTML, it's just CLICK AND DRAG!

7.) Can I use your graphics and layout for my own site?
Answer: NO! sorry to be so abrupt about it, but the layout and all the graphics are made exclusively for this site and this site only. We worked hard on making this site and coming up with ideas and we do not want people taking them. Be original, please do not copy.

8.) Does Simon Rex have an official site?
Answer: As far as we know, NO. But maybe if Simon sees our site he might want to give us the honor of being his official site? (wink wink!). There are only a few fans sites and that is about it. So far our's is the biggest fan site that we know of.

9.) I love the theme song on Jack & Jill! Who sings it and where can I get their CD?
Answer: The song that you heard is called "The Truth about Romeo" by Pancho's Lament, (written by Jeff Cohen). It is the theme song for Jack & Jill. You can find out more information about the song and the group at their official website,

10.) Can you tell me what magazines you got all your pictures from?
Answer: We don't know the origin of the old pictures we have because we have been cutting out clips of him for awhile and we don't remember which magazines we got them from. But we do know where most of the recent pics came from. Go to the News section and click on PRESS RELEASES to find out the magazines we do know of.

11.) I heard that Simon Rex is gay. Is this true?
Answer: That is a common misconception, but NO, he is not gay. "Iím not bisexual. Iím not gay. Not that thereís anything wrong with it. Itís just not me."
-Simon Rex (TV Guide Oct. 23)

12.) Hey what's the whole deal with JACK & JILL? Is it cancelled or what?
Answer: YES...SAD BUT TRUE. Jack & Jill has been officially canceled. Such a pity cuz it was an AWESOME SHOW! But Simon will still be around, he will be working on a lot of new projects as well as films. So watch out for them. IF you would like to protest to the WB and yell at them for cancelling a DAMN GOOD SHOW..then by all means go for it!

13.) So I heard that Simon is dating a co-star on Jack & Jill, Jaime this true?
YEP! It is very much true and they have been going out for months now. They are also making a film together.