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The S.I.A.M. Club is located in Evansville,Indiana and there are about 250 members.

Glenn & Fran Miller have been running the information booth for several years.

At the information booth you can buy a number of items, including hats, t-shirts, show buttons, calendars, raffle tickets and much more. We would like to thank The Millers, they do a great job!!

Joanne Klueg with the help of some of the ladies and not to mention her husband, Norm, set up the display area in the "Antique Building".

This years theme was "Granny's Garden". In the past we've had an old general store, a one-room school house and many other great ideas that Joanne has come up with. In the loft there are always neat antique items displayed also. We even have quilting demonstrations!

The club has a Shingle Mill that is operated by Ron Korff. Ron sweats away while many enjoy standing around watching.

and watching

and watching!

Here are a couple more pictures of things that can usually be seen at one of S.I.A.M.'s shows

A steam engine owned by Bud & Nancy Guetling.

This is a saw mill that is also owned by the club. Any wood that we use in the buildings are cut by this saw mill.

This is Glenn Karch. He is a wealth of knowledge!

You can find articles that Glenn writes in the "Gas Engine Magazine".

This is a Jaeger concrete mixer that was donated to the club.

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If you would like to join "Southern Indiana's Antique & Machinery Club", write to our snail mail address at: PO Box 4712 Evansville, IN 47724. (club dues are only $5.00 per person per year).

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