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The unquestioned leader of the Sentinels team, Michael is a powerhouse with natural charisma and a mysterious past.

6'5", 279#
Parts Unknown

A brash cruiserweight, Cinq has angered GWF superstars and fans alike with his constant derision and an arrogance so pronounced it is bound to cost him a few matches.

6'2", 212#
Paris, France

One half of Sedition, the cat-like Bast has angered her homeworld by forming an alliance, however strained it may be, with a hated Aethran.

5'1", 106#
Andromeda 13

Bast’s partner in Sedition, Burn has become a profound tease and seems to enjoy maintaining a variety of liaisons with GWF superstars, often right before they are targeted by the Sentinels.

5'11", 179#

Mischief is a wild man, teaming (sometimes reluctantly) with Paranoia in the tag team of Bi-Polar. His obscure but effective wrestling style mixes martial arts, aerial maneuvers, and scientific wrestling.

5'11", 227#
star system

Another mystery man, Paranoia is marked by a bizarre spirituality and a near-total obsessession with the depredations of a group known only as “Them.”

6'7", 294#
Virgo cluster

A secong-generation wrestler, Taser is a former police officer: part of Cetus’ Special Operations Unit for a troublesome urban area. She seems to be searching for her own identity as a GWF superstar.

5'6", 154#

Klaymore is a hardcore brawler who serves as an enforcer for the Sentinels, often accompanying his teammates to ringside and taking the fight to anyone who crosses the enigmatic group.

6'5", 260#
Edinburgh, Scotland

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