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Champions of the Galaxy

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By the close of the year 2109, one question echoed in the thoughts of wrestling fans, journalists, and GWF superstars alike:

“Who are these people?”

It all began innocently enough with the debut of a French cruiserweight named Cinq. The rookie was mouthy, arrogant, and highly skilled, declaring all-out war on premiere cruiserweights like Enigma, Prodigy, and Rising Sun. When things got too hot for the cocky Parisian, he promised to bring in a “bon ami,” and Michael came to the GWF.

The powerhouse Michael was everything Cinq was not. He was quiet and reserved, displaying a reluctant nobility in backing Cinq up and challenging the GWF's “big guns” like Paragon and Pegasus. When he spoke, it was with an educated flair, and the fans were drawn to him despite his unusual association with the brash Frenchman. The two men had no real chemistry—indeed, at times they seemed to actively dislike one another—yet whenever one got into trouble, the other was there to bail him out.

Their ranks expanded during a Tirion Triple Threat match pitting Cinq and Michael against Enigma and Pegasus and Paragon and Prodigy. Two women stormed the ring midway through the match and laid out all four GWF superstars with steel chairs. The ladies’ tag team of Sedition made immediate waves with this gutsy attack, and for dragging Wolf and the Gladiators into the situation through an open challenge and a series of brutal assaults on Thrash and Amazonia.

The Sentinels did not stop there. Mischief and Paranoia, the group’s tag team specialists, supported their compatriots by challenging Alpha Power, Millenium, the Gladiators, and other top tandems to violent feuds, while Taser emerged as a top woman’s star in her battles with Supernova and Anaxis. The fiery Klaymore served as an enforcer for the group, and his wild hardcore matches with Dark Justice, the Draconian Sheik, and Wolf rapidly became the talk of the galaxy.

Still, though their numbers grew, their motives remained a mystery. What brought this diverse group of athletes together? What was the bond that kept them loyal to one another when it seemed likely they would tear each other to bits? What motivated them to wage war on hero and villain alike?

And was the GWF ready for the answers?

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