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Holy Wounds

The Rosary of the Holy Wounds
"When you offer My Holy Wounds for sinners, you must not forget to do so for the souls in Purgatory, as there are but few who think of their relief . . . The Holy Wounds are the treasure of treasures for the souls in Purgatory."

------ Our Lord to Sr. Mary Martha Chambon

Opening prayer: To be said on the Crucifix and the first three beads of an ordinary Rosary:(optional)

O Jesus, Divine Redeemer, be merciful to us and to the whole world. Amen.

Strong God, holy God, immortal God, have mercy on us and on the whole world. Amen.

Grace and mercy, O my Jesus, during present dangers; cover us with Your Precious Blood. Amen.

Eternal Father, grant us mercy through the Blood of Jesus Christ, Your only Son; grant us mercy, we beseech You. Amen, Amen, Amen.

The following prayers, composed by Our Lord, are to be said using the Rosary beads.

On the large beads:

'Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ - to heal the wounds of our souls.' (300 days indulgence each time)

On the the small beads:

Oh my Jesus, pardon and mercy - Through the merits of Thy Holy Wounds.' (300 days indulgence each time)

You may say at the end: Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ - to heal the wounds of our souls. 3 times

Sister Mary Martha Chambon, a humble lay Sister of the Visitation Order of Chambery, France, who died in the order of sanctity, March 21st, 1907, received these two invocations from Our Lord Himself, as she affirmed, and with them a double MISSION to adore and invoke the Sacred Wounds unceasingly and to revive this devotion in the hearts of creatures.

Our Lord Said:

'At each word that you pronounce of the Chaplet of the Holy Wounds, I allow a drop of My Blood to fall upon the soul of a sinner.'

'The soul who during life has honored and studied the Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and has offered them to the Eternal Father for the souls in Purgatory, will be accompanied at the moment of death by the Holy Virgin and the angels; and Our Lord on the Cross all brilliant in glory will receive her and crown her.'

'I will grant all that is asked of Me through the invocation of My Holy Wounds. You will obtain everything, because it is through the merit of My Blood, which is of infinite price.'

'With My Wounds and My Divine Heart, everything can be obtained.'

'My Wounds will repair yours. My Wounds will cover all your faults. Those who honor them will have a true knowledge of Jesus Christ. In meditation on them, you will always find a new love. My Wounds will cover all your sins.'

'In offering My Wounds for the conversion of sinners, even though the sinners are not converted, you will have the same merit before God as if they were.'

'A sinner who will say the following prayer will obtain conversion: "Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ to heal those of our souls.

'When you are in trouble or suffering have recourse at once to My Sacred Wounds and the pain will be alleviated. These aspirations should often be repeated near the sick and the dying : O My Jesus Pardon and Mercy through the Merits of Your Holy Wounds.

St. Gertrude the Great also honored the Holy Wounds. Our Lord also made a promise to St. Gertrude for those who honour His Holy Wounds. She had a vision of Jesus after finishing her prayers for His wounds at one time. There were golden roses on top of His wounds. Jesus then said, "Behold, I will appear to you in this radiant form at the hour of your death, and I will cover all your sins, and adorn you with a glory like that with which you have adorned My Wounds by your salutations. All who do so shall receive the like favour".

St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi, after a revelation on the value of the Precious Blood, adopted the practice of offering It 60 times a day for the living and the dead, and she said: "As often as a creature offers the Precious Blood by which it was redeemed, it offers a gift of unequaled and infinite price."

5 Promises To those faithfully Honor The Drops of Blood Jesus Lost:

  1. 2 Paters

  2. 2 Glorias

  3. 2 Aves

(2 Our Fathers 2 Glory Be's, 2 Hail Marys)

"To all the faithful who shall recite for 3 years, each day 2 Paters, Glorias and Aves, in honor of the drops of blood I lost,

I will concede the following 5 graces:

  1. "The plenary indulgence and remittance of your sins."

  2. "You will be free from the pains of Purgatory."

  3. "If you should die before completing the said 3 years, for you it will be the same as if you had completed them."

  4. "It will be upon your death the same as if you had shed all your blood for the Holy Faith."

  5. "I will descend from Heaven to take your soul and that of your relatives, until the fourth generation."

(Part of a True letter of Our Saviour Jesus Christ, kept in a silver box in the Holy Sepulchre of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Jerusalem)