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Last updated 01/06/00

This page is for my opinion. It in no ways reflects the views of Corations or their executives. The comments herein are for entertainment purposes only. I hope only to enlighten some (open minded) people. Not offend anyone. Since I am bound to offend someone, in advance I apologize !!

As for my language I'll apologize for it when that same courtesy is shown to everyone on the road!!

My first rant has to be about driving. I've spent half my life on the road and still find it amazing some of the total idiots that have been allowed to get drivers licenses.

Probably my number one pet peeve is the lack of courtesy on the road. More specificaly "the turn signal impaired". Those people who are without the intelegence to operate that little bar attached to the stering wheel.  

The first one I'll adress is you who refuse to use it on the freeway to change lanes. There's an ambulance waiting just for you, then all the time you've saved cutting people off will be spent on your trip to the hospital!!

The second is you folks that use it only to let us know once you've entered the lane. Duh!! It's a too late now. You know like try using it before you change lanes. The only thing that makes it half way acceptable is the even more idiotic dipshits out there that speed up when you do use your blinker.

What is it about human nature that makes us so damn competitive we're willing to risk a trip to the hospital for that little piece of asphalt in front of our cars. Lighten up!! The only winner is the one gets home to there loved ones.

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I have not yet begun to bitch and that is an awful lot of what this page is going to be about. Driving that is not bitching. But I'm not all that happy with the society we've built so I will undoubtly being comenting on that too. I hope to eventualy add a page for a public poll on current shit happening. (To compare with the press' version of what the public thinks) When I do I will want everyones opinion albeit breif!!

Okay that's all! For now,

Peace and Love "The Rixter"

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