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Rix Kids

My Grandkids Favorite Links !!

Here are my Grandkids favorite links !!
Picked by my Grandchildren Tondra (13) and Manny (9).
  Okay so I haven't updated this site in a long, long time.
In fact Tondra is 16 (17Dec.26th)and Manny is 13!!
  Corry is old enough to have his own favorite sites too.

They spent hours checking out the different sites.
Their favorites are located below in order of prefrence.
(My vote was cast by the ease in which the kids could navigate the sites.)

Corry now is into Nick Jr.

And coming in at second.

Still Manny and
Corry's favorite is
Lego's site.

Tondra, being 17 now, has new favorites.
So for the teens and
NOT for children.
Check out.

Most eveyone knows about MySpace!!

Warning parents should
monitor usage of this site.
As for teens please use responsibly.
T.M.I. is dangerous.

(and old favs)


Good Charlotte.

Free games to play. Courtesy of Angelfire.



You must have Shockwave to play!!

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