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Rix Art

Welcome to my art page picture here are free for all. If you use publicly and credit "The Rixter" of Rix World
it would be appreciated very much. If you want to send money that would be even better.


The pictures here are basically 640x480 unless otherwise noted.

I use 800x600 at home and 1024x768 at work and find the smaller images make wallpaper

that doesn't get in the way of my desktop icons. For larger images just ask me!

If you don't know how... to download images...
right click your mouse and select "Save Picture As..." find a
place on your computer and don't forget where you put it!
Or right click on your mouse and select "Set as Wallpaper"
to instantly have your own Reis original desktop wallpaper!

Untitled as a lot of my (free) works are. You pick a name...

800x600 ... Ant on flower ... if you must name it!

This beautiful flower was by the Marriott Hotel in Santa Clara, California.

Fog on canvas (Picture taken 01-23-02 by Intel in Santa Clara, California.)

Fountains in front of Nortel in Santa Clara, California. (01-24-02)

The interior of BART train. (Bay area rapid transit...though not always that rapid.)

Here and the picture below is where I start my day.

Notice the bike... yea it's mine. 

This is where I end up (for now) at Intel's building number SC12.

(Hence all the Santa Clara, California pictures.)

This is the picture featured on my monitor's example at the top of this page.

(It is the Regal building next to Intel's SC12.)

Rix hint #1 for artsy picture made easy. Take photo above and...

Use Paint Shop Pros kaleidoscope filter and voila a master piece.

One other helpful hint experiment with the different settings for your own touch.

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