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Birdie's Review

  Back again after a long hiatus. Hiatus sounds better then my old computer became too hard to work with plus I just realized my new computer has a DVD player built in and image capturing abilities.
  Anyway here's my latest review. It's an old movie but a great example of the advantages (and at times the disadvantages) of widescreen over full screen. As a strong advocate of the "widescreen rules" philosphy note in this movie there are some small or should I say large (view wise)differences. You'll see what I mean below.

  From begining to end Ann Margret shined in this, one of her first movies.

  When you watch this movie notice the difference between Ann 'the girl' in the opening
and Ann 'the woman' finale.

The stars they used for this made it a classic from the very begining.


  Director George sidney had plenty of talent to work with... and one handycap. (Jesse Pearson)


  Drafted (like Elvis) Birdie creates quite a stir. As does Albert's mom, played wonderfully by Maureen Stapelton.
You see the three on the picture to the right and have to know with such talent (Maureen joined by Dick Van Dyke and Janet Leigh.) you have to appreciate the casting.


Ed didn't have to do much to play himself. Notice of course he did manage to get his Emmy award in these shots.


  The 'telephone' scene is one example of the advatages of w i d e s c r e e n!

  See how they attempted squeeze this shot in for the full screen version.


  "How lovely to be a woman" gives us both the advantages of w i d e s c r e e n...


and disadvatages. Full screen fans are behind the idea of no black bars on the top and bottom.
Butt here I can see a small (well maybe not that small) advantage.


  The gymnasium scene was shot in Hollywood High School... Did they make it look neglected on purpose?


Paul Lynde did a great jop as Harry Mac Affee the conderned father.


Unfortunately the same can't be said for Birdie actor Jesse Pearson. Who had the 'Elvis' sneer but couldn't dance.

But I guess coreographer Onna White did well with what she had, giving him simple steps to do.


Onna's saving grace was the talents of Ann Margret.

(Years before the "funky chicken" Onna coreographed this dance number.)


And also Dick Van Dyke along with Janet Leigh.

Yea Janet the 'other' eye candy.

Speaking of Janet thanks to her for passing on, not only, her acting talents to daughter Jamie Lee Curtis
but a couple of other talents she inherited. (Insert from True Lies.)


Speaking of "eye candy" did I mention Ann Margret.


Panavision is why widescreen is important. It gives you all that the director and
the director of photography wanted you to see.


  Although, as I told you, this is one movie where full screen has a couple of advantages.
This is the closing scene of Kim Mac Affee the 'woman'!!

Last and not least thanks to Columbia Pictures.

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