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Warning ... content on this page maybe considered obscene by some. My language at time and some reviews may show some  nudity. If you wandered into this page by mistake click here to exit.  

This is not necessarily a review. In the terms of a critique as much as my views on the movies merits or lack there of. I try not to judge artistic content as much as how much I enjoyed the movie. In my opinion critics spend far too much time looking for fault and not enough time looking for fun!!

The Hippie Dippy Reviewster

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Here is what so many of you have been waiting so long for the hippie dippy reviewster's return.

Well ... I'm Back !!!

My new review is on ...


Also starring 


Burt did good job at being the dishonest (always only half there) congressman. 



And Ving Rhames (pictured on the left, not on the right in his screen credit) as the bouncer was very convincing. 

Harley made an appearance. Wonder how much that cost them.
(or did HD pay them)

As rough as it was for me to try and keep this down to  just a few pics, it must have been real hell on the director of photography.

Poor Stephen and had to narrow down what must have been hours of tape of stripping, down to a few choice scenes. Some of which were put behind the opening credits, making it very hard to pay attention to who did what.




I'm sure the costume designer's job was rough too. Baby doll pajamas, bikinis and thongs!!

And yes for you all who were wondering about Demi's scenes here are just a few short animated sequences for you ...
You animals !!

Front or backside Demi is in great shape!!


Robert Patrick as the asshole ex-husband was great, as was

Paul Guilfoyle as the congressman's     

right hand man. Making for two bad guys not counting the congressman!! 


Rumer Willis as the daughter had a very expressive face and fortunately little dialog.

Although they showed the shame of Demi's character being seen at work by her daughter.


The fact that a mom would take her to a place called the "Eager Beaver" in the first place is enough to make the idea of her being ashamed of having her daughter know  what she does is silly.
Not ashamed for her to know where she does it borders on ludicrous!! 


Stuart Pankin as the conniving lawyer, William Hill as Jerry the groupie and 

Robert Stanton as the congressman's assistant rounded out the supporting cast and made for a very funny movie. 


Also 'rounding' out the supporting cast were the "very fine" strippers who unfortunately were some how left off the cast credits at the end of the film!!

Also missing on the DVD were any additional features not even cast biographies. Which are usually included in most DVDs especially when they have such an illustrious cast as this film had!!

Anyway before I go I must also congratulate the music for this movie!


Thank you Howard also thank you


for bringing this to us.

Before I go one last look at the star of this...

Demi Moore. Thanks for doing this while you still had the shape to do it with.


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