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The 43rd Annual Grammy Awards

This is my Grammy page for this year please excuse any persons left out. So far this year has been a little rough since my computer has not been up to par!! 

My ATi 'All in Wonder' video card has not been living up to my expectations but in there defense it seems to be a software issue not a hardware one.

Anyway I'll start my page with the first presenters


Kevin James and Ray Romano started the show with a bang. Launching t-shirts into the audience. 


NSYNC was there proud to show everyone there were "no strings attached". 


Say there name it's there Destiny!! Go Dr. Dre Producer of the Year!!

Jill Scott and Moby backed up by Bluemen Group were excellent.

Not to be outdone by Ray and Kevin (see first presenters above) the Bluemen Group sent tinsel streamers into the audience. 


Presenters Shakira with Richie Zambora (of Bon Jovi) and Heather Locklear with Kid Rock. Show how classy can go with rock-n-roll casual. (Creating casu-assy? <-- not!!)

Dharma and Greg star Jenna Elfman and Melissa Ethridge totally upstaged co-presenter Carson Daley (Daily?) fortunately!!

But all were thrilled to see U2 winning the award !!


Best Rock duo or group award was just one of many they got.


Vince Gill votes on cleavage view, Lee Ann Plante...Gloria Estafan... mmm which two?


My vote however has to go to Shelby Lynne.  


Whether accepting her Grammy or presenting one with Sheryl Crow she was not afraid to show some skin.


Also in the showing skin category was Toni Braxton. Who seemed to get Jimmy  Smits vote for best cleavage shot along with co-presenter Jobe. But Toni has never been shy!!


A close third was Faith Hill (no relation to Miki...unfortunately). Who was wearing a lovely black lace bra she just had to show off. Too bad she was busy during my, second capture, thanking her  presenter...


Dolly Parton (who's cleavage less dress was a disappointment, at least for me) Dolly performed along with Brad Paisley also a presenter along with Dolly though Faith didn't seem to notice him. Actually neither did I !!


Christina Aguilera was surprisingly conservative as was Madonna!!


Although Madonna's performance wasn't. Someone should have told Christina the cornrows were a bit too corny. (Bo Derek dropped that look 20 years ago for the same reason)


It's about time Steely Dan got some recognition. Showing all like Carlos Santana did last year that older (at times) can be better!!


Good to see Macy Gray getting more recognition. Also good to see the new category of "Best Native American Music Album" given to Tom See and Douglas 'Spotted Eagle' producers of "Gathering of Nations Pow Wow".


Of course everyone was anxious to see Eminem and Elton John perform together. Eminem showed he wasn't homo-phobic hugging Elton afterwards.


Both got awards for best album Eminem shared his with his 'homies' and Elton shared his with his homies Tim Rice and associates.


Two major presenters there were Stevie Wonder and Bette Midler. The audience seemed to be the blind ones when they missed Stevie's hilarious (at least to me) attempt to "look" at the award winner's name!! Get it folks? (They didn't, not one chuckle)


Right on target was the host's quote "I suck"! Too bad the rest of his humor seemed to be so off it's mark. One of the funniest parts was some unknown person who snuck on stage. His comments I couldn't hear but the host's "at least he could of stripped" was a cute reference to the Oscar streaker of the 70s.

Last of all.  I must acknowledge the pre-show carpet interviewer Joan Rivers, for me one of the best parts of any award show. Welcome to Grammy night Joan hope you're here for long time.

The 'actual' Best skin shot was on the carpet before the show started. (as usual)

(Where's a breeze when want one?)

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