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Our Forever Growing Pond

The first year of our pond was 1987.It was built of cement for breeding gold fish to feed oscars. I soon discovered Koi and noticed the pond was too small. Our pond now has a rubber liner attached to our original cement pond. Needless to say the Oscars are gone now and the tanks are used to raise the babies in the winter. The hobby of water gardening or raising & breeding Koi doesn't have to be expensive or hard work.But it seems everyone has something new to sell and the more work you put into your hobby the happier you are!

First year!

A Couple Years Later

1ST Expansion

The Next Expansion

Next Time I'll Rent A Back Hoe

Liner In

Fish and plants had to be placed in before it was completly filled as the cement pond had to be cut and joined to the liner.

Almost Full

Couldn't wait to get in and play with the fish! Actually I'm getting some of the wrinkles out of the liner as it fills. Good thing it was a hot day!

How it looks now

Always seems to grow who knows how big it will get?