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AlertDialerPlus (Total phone control)

This is a total control (dial in or out) Phone Program.
This program interfaces with the X10 CM15A using the SDK for Home Automation

This software is intended for private use only and may not be resold.

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Now In version

updated December 30th 2010

Now fully compatible with Windows 7 and 64 bit OS

* If AlertDialer works for you so will the Plus version *

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Subject: AlertDialer Plus

Although not needed for Phone operation X10s CM15A will provide total Home control

A Direct download through e-mail link is now the only way to get AlertDialerPlus.

  • Please be sure you can get AlertDialer Standard version to work for you as I can't offer a refund for software

    Full version is $24.49 US via PayPal

    Whats the advantage of the Plus version?

    Options currently in the program!

  • All the options of the standard version Plus:
  • Voice recognition (no key presses needed from phone)
  • Ability to test Voice recognition using PC mic
  • Only trusted numbers have access to voice recognition
  • Option to turn off the redial on hangup
  • Multiple number answer
  • Call Zapper (block telemarketers, always after Caller id is recieved)
  • Phone book (configurable for emergency numbers)
  • Quite Time (Block callers at configurable times)
  • Let emergency numbers through regardless of time
  • Answering machine and message retreival
  • Able to retrieve and listen to newest message over the Phone
  • Vissual alert when messages are left
  • Messages maybe be deleted from inside the program or from a phone
  • Option to turn off Answer Machine
  • Answer after ring # You specify
  • Option to Dial trusted number on disconnect or not
  • Options for how Program responds to recognized commands
  • If using voice commands the number of commands that can be sent is unlimited
  • Timers will execute shortcuts,batchfiles, or Voice responces
  • unlimited commands with key presses(digit commands)
  • Caller ID pop up screen Fades in then out with caller info
  • Able to Hide to system tray Pop Up caller id will still display center screen
  • Download pop up screen displays fixes and Adds clearer.
  • Added phone image change to show when there are messages present in the program
  • Added option to allow end users to change these two images files are located in the "Face Graphic" folder
  • Added opening Zapper option pulls in the current displayed caller id number so it can be added to the zapper with ease
  • Removed goodbye message before hang up from telezapper
  • Add option to delete current message on the machine over the phone
  • Add option to delete all messages from answering machine options screen
  • Changed so Start Up options is the first screen to appear when selecting additional options
    new for
  • Added x10 listener for on/off,AllLightsOn/Off and AllUnitOff
  • added option to trigger dial out on DS7000 alarm trip (CM15A REQUIRED)
  • added option to connect and send info over a home network to PcCompanion or BlueWatch
  • .... more as requested

    AlertDialer Plus is now on a new server so the inbedded download link no longer will work

    If you still know the install Password you may get the link here