Plate 39.--THE EARTH IN SE'MU.

Jehovih saith: In the time of se'mu I brought the earth into a'ji, and ji'ay, and darkness was upon the face of the earth for the space of three thousand years; and yet for other three thousand years half darkness covered all the land and water. Behold, O man, as I have given to females a time to bring forth their young, so gave I to the earth a time for the conception of the living species on the land, in the water and in the air above, and I called the time the era of se'mu.

And it came to pass, when the earth was in the midst of Taza, there fell upon the earth, for a space equal to twelve days, condensed nebula in dust and stones and water combined, sufficient in some places to cover up the forests Jehovih had made. And that which fell was hot like molten iron; and the trees and forests of the valleys were beaten down, and covered up, and burnt to blackness. Jehovih said: And these shall remain on the earth, for in the time that followeth, man shall seek the coal, not knowing whence it came. And it will bear witness of the regions of a'ji and ji'ay in the firmament of heaven. (See Book of Jehovih and Book of Saphah.)

Plate 39 - The Earth in the time of Se'mu

Plate 30.--JY'AY. The earth (white spot) in Jy'ay.

Plate 30 - Ji'ay

[During the glacial period, showing m'ha'k, the surrounding nebula, that caused the earth's crust to break and upheave, forming ranges of mountains. At the period referred to, the earth was turned from its axic course; the north becoming east, and the south becoming west.]

Plate 32. THE EARTH IN A'JI.

Plate 33.--HYARTI, or NEBULA.

Plate 33 - Hyarti, or Nebula

[Showing the earth (white centre) eclipsed on all sides. In the Hyarti period the earth was in darkness for one hundred and thirty years. This was the gestative age for the vegetable kingdom.]


Plate 34 - Ji'niquin Swamp, in Etherea

[Showing the firmament, beginning 1900 B.K., and continuing until 1300 B.K., occasionally freed from nebulous eclipses. The nebulous region was sufficiently large to embrace the solar phalanx. During the above period the earth was frequently in the state of eclipse for weeks and months at a time; one period enduring fourteen months. During these six hundred years the people of India, China, Europe and Africa fell from the light of Jehovih, becoming cruel and exterminating, establishing torments and inquisitions, for the sake of their idols, saviors, saints and prophets. Jehovih said: Let the period of six hundred years be a sign and limit of darkness that followeth the light of dan, and this is one of the numbers for the prophets of this day.]


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