Words of the Past To Be Revealed in Kosmon

1. JEHOVIH said: As I caused man to grow, so I caused man's language to grow. Yea, even as the earth matureth in its place, so shall man look backward and judge what has been.

2. According to the time and place of the earth, so spake man. And it was so. And the deviation in the progress of speech was even as the deviation of the vortex of the earth.

3. Even the words of man in ages past shall be revealed by My seers in the time of Kosmon. And it was so.


(New Signs and Symbols)

1. EMP'AGATU said: I am the son of Se'moin, son of Jehovih. I am the change of voice of the Seen and Unseen. No man can measure my mysteries. I travel with the growth of mortals. Think not this is my all; it is not my all. I am like the consuming fire that never ceases to burn. I was with the ancients; am today and will be forever. I am he that receiveth new signs and symbols; the old I cast away as a worn cloth, and the new is my house of idols. Mortals are my working tools, and my records the food of all nations.

2. EMP'AGATU said: When my people are grown in the tongue; grown in the lips; grown in the throat; grown in the nose, then I come in a chariot of fire and consume their libraries. With a stealthy tread and silent whisper I say unto men: Go not back to the ancients, O my beloved, nor seal up your souls, that Eolin may enter and give you light. Know ye that words are but idols and graven images? But they will not hear, and the Es that is in them cries out with bondage, and I send the burning flame and burn their books into ashes, for I will deliver them from the bondage of the ancients.

3. JEHOVIH, the mighty Eolin of old, saith: Go, My son, Emp'agatu, give to the swift-growing Es of mortals, larger signs and words. Behold, they grope in the ruins of the past for the idols of old.

4. EMP'AGATU said: By the angels in high heaven (ethereans), the Sons of Jehovih, am I called forth in this day to yield up the records of the past. Think not that I yield up all. I yield up only to show the way of my labors. The learned men of Corpor (mortals) shall also search me out of the earth and buried monuments, and my tablets shall (be) read in the East, and West, and the North and South.

Plate 72 - Tablet of Emp'agatu

(Fonece - Hizi Tribe)