Houbri. Pan. Algonquin. Hoa'tu.

1. These, then, are the chief tribes, being some Faithists and some Idolaters, and these are such as were revered in after generations, to wit:

2. Hode, Si, Iz, Koo, Puit, Poit, Huit, Sem, Ham, Zerl, Haka, Shem, For, Gau, Park, Bah, Loo, Ong, Gam, Dan, Ine, Both, Asch, Howh, Bon, Art, Ia, Gaub, Don, Ref, Fet, Kii, King, Nu, Wis, Sin, Ox, Or, Ug, Wan, Ked, Mork, God, Suth, Eve, Lut, Rut, Kem, Josh, Pert, Sis, Yi, Haus, Kamp, Booh, Koa, Tu, Out, Dav, She, Ji, Ish, Fush, Ab, Ak, Gan, Loo, Mish, Woo, War, Hiss, Sout, Bir, Hush, Yiam, Duji, Gug (Ghard), Ke, Ail, Wang, M'hi, G'wan, He, Zoo, Sa, Lon, Gow, Fifi, Chine, Iaf, Jah, Ba, Goud, Goah, Fah, Ion, Yon, Sope, Ban, Jose, Bad, Dad, Abad, Adad, Joss, Sing, Fome, Du'e, Sam, Sar, Esk, Sham, Noah, Ives, Yi, Mu, Om, Dor, Frag, Kuk, Hum, Wok, Ise, Loke, Ia'a and Gad.

Plate 76
Plate 76.
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