Chapter XIV

1. The voice of Jehovih came to God, saying: Behold, the time draweth near when Aph, My Son, shall commit the care of Hored and her affairs to another God, for another four hundred years. This, then, is the commandment of thy Creator, O God: Hored shall advance to the second resurrection; but the first resurrection shall be established with My Lords.

2. And when the Lord hath a sufficient number of souls who are advanced to take the second resurrection, then shall they be brought to this, My holy place, where they shall be further prepared for the next resurrection.

3. This was accomplished; and heavenly kingdoms with thrones for the Lords, for the first resurrection, were established on the earth, and in the divisions of the Lords. So that there were allotted to these Lords' kingdoms thirty-three years for a resurrection, because thirty-three is the division of dan corresponding to one hundred dans to each cycle

4. Accordingly, every thirty-three years thereafter there was one migration of a group from the Lord's first resurrection to that of Hored, which was God's second resurrection. Whereby the light of dan fell on two hundred years, four hundred years, five hundred years, six hundred years and one thousand years, which became the base of prophecy for each cycle from that time forth for a long period.

5. God said: Close the gates of Hored, and from this time ever after only those of the second resurrection can enter. And it was so. And Hored was extended over Jaffeth, Shem and Ham to the second degree; but of Guatama this is the manner of her heaven: The Lord made two kingdoms, the first and second resurrections, and allotted the first to a proxy in his own name, but over the second he presided in person, teaching his people by proxy of God in Hored. For the distance of the sea lay between these heavens; and the access could not be made in the diminutive light of thirty-three. Nevertheless, the Lord and his attendants maintained an etherean ship that enabled him to cross the sea at intervals of eleven years.

6. Accordingly now, in the second resurrection, new colleges were established in heaven, and the spirits began the study of elements and illustrations in es and uz, and the process of travel and of carrying corporeal entities. And these spirits were at times, under ashars, taken down to mortals to assist in miracles and legerdemain. For the lessons in the second resurrection embraced the mastery of corpor in analysis and synthesis.

7. After the first year of God in Hautuon, he went therefore every eleventh year and remained one year of the earth's time; so that in two hundred years he made eighteen visits. Now on his first visit he brought back with him a certain number of volunteers, being of those raised by the arc of Noe; and the next visit he brought back twice as many as the first; and the next time three times as many as the second, and increasing for the eighteen visits. And on the last visit it was estimated how many he had brought back in all, and the number was one thousand millions. And they were raised to the second resurrection, having been under the training of the Gods and Goddesses of Hautuon, under the direction of Aph, son of Jehovih.

8. And now that the time of dan was drawing near, and Aph should return to provide for the ascent of Jehovih's harvest, God looked up with a cheerful heart; for it was evident that by the expiration of the two hundred years from the submersion of Pan, many of the spirits delivered from the earth in that day would be prepared to take the second resurrection. Wherefore God prophesied, saying: Through Thee, O Jehovih, in another hundred years I shall have delivered them into etherea (Nirvana) as Thy Brides and Bridegrooms.

Chapter XV

1. Jehovih spake in the light of the throne of God in Hored, saying: Behold, a star cometh!

2. The voice ceased, but God and his hosts knew the meaning, for it was the time of Aph to return and complete his deliverance of Neph and his hosts, and his Lords and their hosts.

3. So the Council were moved to look into the firmament; and the messengers who had heard the voice, and who were departing on their various missions, also looked upward, even as they sped forth to their places; and they proclaimed it in the places of all the heavens of the earth, and to the Lords and their divisions of the earth.

4. And the angels of heaven and those that abode with mortals were stirred up, and because of their contiguity to mortals, the latter comprehended that something unusual was near at hand.

5. The Council of Hored knew not how they should proceed, for the event was to surpass in magnificence anything they had ever witnessed.

6. God said: I have heard Thy voice, O Jehovih. I know a star cometh, and great shall be the glory thereof. Give me light, O Father. How shall Thy servant know the decorum of Orian Chiefs? Behold, I am as one abashed with obscurity in Thy wide universe!

7. Jehovih's voice answered, saying: Fear not, My Son. And let thy Council be strong also. Proceed at once to decorate thy people, preparatory to receiving the resurrection. And those who are to be My Brides and Bridegrooms clothe ye in white.

8. The whole Council heard Jehovih's voice, and they ordained officers to proceed throughout atmospherea and put in effect Jehovih's commandment. And the decorated angels, and those prepared as Brides and Bridegrooms for etherea, were ordered to form in companies near the throne of God in Hored; and the officers of companies were also provided with badges, whereon was inscribed an account of their labor on earth and in heaven, the number and nature of their charities and self-sacrifices for others' good, and their grade in purity and power and wisdom. And the privates were decorated with stars to illustrate the same things, in degree and number; and the stations of their file in Hored were provided in the order of music, rating them according to their chord and discord, and their social adaptibility.

9. For these things were done before etherean judges, to whom Jehovih had said: Let the people pass before you, and judge ye them, that being assorted and arranged they shall make one harmonious whole; for it is only by this they will have power to ascend and endure in My regions of light. There were one million of these judges, and they took up their stations in different parts of atmospherea, wherever the second resurrection had been established, every judge choosing a district for himself or herself, for they were both men and women.

10. And as the angels passed before them, the wisdom of the judges was so great they could comprehend all they had ever done, either on earth or in heaven. And by signals the proper officers were advised how to decorate and adorn all of them.

11. And as fast as companies of one thousand passed, they were provided with conductors, who took them to their places, which had been previously determined by the command of God.

12. Whilst this work was proceeding, lights began to appear in the firmament above; these were the marshals of the Orian fields in etherea, in their star-ships, making course for Hored, and their number was legion. But presently one brighter and more powerful than the rest made way from the western arc of Onah'yi, and it steered direct to God's throne, growing brighter and larger as it came. And when it entered past Chinvat, and was well within the vortex of the earth in the belt of the moon's orbit, its light spread across the whole atmosphere of heaven, and Hored was illumined, and the angels of Hored were stirred up with enthusiasm.

13. Not long the brilliant star delayed the suspense of the angel world, for he who sailed them was a God of millions of years, and by his wisdom attained to such mastery that the elements of earth and atmospherea gave way, as if appalled by a heaven on fire. Down came the star-ship whose majesty outweighed all ceremony, a very crown of magnificence, even to the arena of the Council of Hored. And he who came, attended by half a million, was Sue'ji, marshal for that which was soon to follow.

14. God rose up, saluting, and all the hosts rose up, whereupon Sue'ji ascended the throne, greeted by God and his Council, near at hand. Sue'ji said:

15. By thy will, O Jehovih! And God said: In Thy name, O Father, Creator! Welcome to Thy Son! And presently all the place was aglow with a golden light, which ranks first in heaven of all colors, and the voice of Jehovih descended on Sue'ji, and he said:

16. Well beloved, come! Long enduring, come! Of patience and steadfastness, My sons and daughters! Behold, I came in the darkness and delivered Mi, for she was of twins heavily laden. And the one dwelt with the mother, but the other I sent to nurse in Hautuon. And they are grown to maturity; a son and daughter twin.

17. Turn ye to Hautuon; lo, the twin cometh! She was the puny child; but look ye upon her, O ye Gods and Goddesses! Her thousand millions come as an avalanche of ji'ay'an worlds. Open your arms, O My beloved sons and daughters.

18. The voice ceased, and Sue'ji said: When the harvest of Hautuon arriveth, attended by the Gods and Goddesses who helped deliver the children of darkness, and who have changed them into beacons of light, behold ye, there shall be three days of recreation in atmospherea; for the hosts of Hautuon shall be shown their native world, whence they came; and they shall read the lineage of kin and condition whence they were rescued by Jehovih's sons and daughters.

19. But on the first day, behold, Aph, the Orian Chief, will descend in all his glory. And on the fourth day all your upraised sons and daughters shall ascend into the etherean worlds, where there are in waiting, to receive you, millions of millions of souls, long since dwellers in Nirvana. Sue'ji ceased speaking, having given commands as to the stations of his marshals around about the earth and her heaven.

20. God sent his messengers, saying: Go ye to Wak'hah and say: God saith: My heavens have been numbered, and the account of my laborers rendered and recorded in the libraries of Hored. And of all the hosts who have labored with thy God, behold, thou, O Wak'hah, standest on the highest grade. Come, therefore, to the throne of thy God and be anointed God of heaven and earth for the next four hundred years, and as long after as Jehovih willeth!

21. The messengers, attended by one thousand marshals, departed for Adjun, the place of labor where Wak'hah dwelt, being a physician's nurse for es'yans and still-born mortal children and those killed by abortion. And they delivered the message of God, to which Wak'hah replied: Thanks, O Jehovih! Tell God I will come. But yet let me surmise: I have been all my life, now some thirty thousand earth years, trying to learn where I should be most serviceable to Jehovih and His sons and daughters. And when I judge that I have found it, lo, a summons cometh from another way, saying: Come thou hither. Wherefore it seemeth Jehovih forever hurrieth us onward, faster than our wisdom can discover the requirement. So the marshals provided an otevan, and Wak'hah was conducted before Hored, even to the foot of the throne of God, where he was saluted and received under a rod of water, according to his rank.

Chapter XVI

1. Nearer and nearer came the visiting stars, the etherean ships from thousands of worlds, with countless millions of emancipated souls, dwellers in the Nirvanian regions of Jehovih. And when they reached the boundaries of the earth's vortex they halted a while, to form in rank and rank, that their glory might add to one another; and whilst they stood thus in the great vault of heaven, there opened on one side a gateway amidst the stars; and far beyond came a strange and mottled sun, swaying to and fro; and this was the great fields and forests of Hautuon letting loose the thousands of millions of the delivered earth.

2. God and his hosts saw it. And every soul burst forth one universal shout of applause. It was coming straight to Hored. And as it came nearer, the curtains and sails and streamers, made of yellow, blue and red fire, began to wave and surge, like a ship in a rough sea, but steadily holding course in the undulating elements. Presently could be seen guardian ships, thousands and thousands, traveling beside the laboring sun, the hosts of Hautuon.

3. And the guardian ships were themselves like stars, and carried millions of etherean souls who had been Gods and Goddesses on many worlds; and they formed wings for the Hautuon avalanche, to hold steady the course to the red star, the earth of mortals. And thus, in honored discipline, came the fleet of Jehovih's worshippers, who only two hundred years since, were but as vermin delving into darkness, and deep buried in death, as their only knowledge; to whom Great Jehovih and His exalted worlds were unknown.

4. Brighter and brighter grew that great waving sun, sailed by the immortal Gods, and larger and more imposing, till, when it entered the earth's vortex, it became as living fire, large as the earth, and of brilliant colors, from black to adamant, and blue, and white, and purple, yellow, scarlet, pink, and of all shades; and living, and sparkling, with the broad curtains suspended, deep as the breadth of a world, and sails and flags that reached upward, high as the moon.

5. Midway in the vortex of the earth it halted, and the myriads of stars beyond now gathered in, majestically, from every side, till nearly around about the fabric of the earth's atmosphere was not a place but glowed with Jehovih's fire of heaven. Music, which rose from the throne of God a little while before, now ceased; for here was the play of elements in harmony, of which music is the same to the ear of mortals.

6. Hardly stood the kaleidoscope of splendors in one attitude, but moving, changing and forming by the decrees of the Gods and Goddesses; as a general on earth manipulates his armies, in the evolution of arms, so in majesty and splendor the marshaling stars forever evolved new and glorious changes stretching abroad over the whole firmament of heaven.

7. And now another gateway opened amidst the stars; and a cluster star was seen approaching from the southeast. It was as a star surrounded by stars, and brighter than all the others. This was the ship-star of Aph, the Orian Chief. At sight of which all souls in the firmament turned in pride and wonder. Swift and mighty above all the countless millions of Gods and Goddesses assembled had he attained in the play and management of worlds. And at sight of his etherean star, angels and Gods whispered: Aph! And the magic of his name, widely known in the Nirvanian fields of the emancipated heavens, spread abroad, till every soul uttered, Aph! in all the regions of atmospherea and on the earth.

8. Nearer and nearer he came, nor halted at Chinvat, the boundary of the earth's vortex; but steadily, and with power, sailed on till his star stood in the doorway of heaven, and here halted as if to complete the immortal scene.

9. But a moment more, and all the avalanche of the glorious worlds around moved onward toward the earth, and surrounding it on every side, and the star of Aph making headway for Hored, even to the throne of God.

10. This was the morning of the third day in tide of dan, in which there were still four days left. But now the marshals took their parts; first, Sue'ji, Chief over all the rest, from the throne of God, cried out: All hail, O Aph, Son of Jehovih! And the words were caught up on every side, and uttered in one breadth around the world. Yet nearer and nearer gathered in the great star-ships and sun of Hautuon, till even like a net they joined and filled the earth's atmosphere in the east and west and north and south, and below and above; on every side. And the words of the marshal: All hail, O Aph, Son of Jehovih! went like an echo over all the heavens.

11. Then Aph's fleet drew near, and he and his hosts alighted, and he ascended the throne, saluting, saying: All hail, O Neph, God of heaven and earth! And this was also uttered by the millions of hosts. Whereupon the signs and ceremonies of the Gods were briefly concluded, and a recreation of three days proclaimed. And the angels' hosts came forth out of their ships, or by the endless chain sped to any quarter of the earth they desired to visit. And for three days and nights the visitors dwelt on the earth and in the lower atmospherea; inspecting how the earth was made; its land and water; its mountains and valleys; its beasts of prey and beasts of burden; its birds and fishes; and above all, its mortal people and spirits who lingered about the earth, the great story tellers, who knew no higher heaven. And then they surveyed atmospherea and the works of God and his Lords; their nurseries, hospitals, factories, schools and colleges.

12. And on the fourth day the marshals called order; and so great was the discipline of the hosts and the arrangement of the star-ships, that in a moment of time order reigned amongst all these countless millions of people.

13. Now, during the recreation, the Chiefs from many worlds, and Gods and Goddesses, mingled together, and exchanged their varied experience in the wide regions of Jehovih's universe, of the management of both corporeal and es'sean worlds, and of the cosmogony of etherean planets; and the surveying of roadways, and of turning worlds from their orbitic course, or changing their axic rotation, and of the deliverance of millions of souls into the ji'ay'an fields, and of the creation of new corporeal worlds and the dissolution of others, and the gathering together of the spirits disinherited, and of their final resurrection. Neither seemed there any end to Jehovih's universe, where such wonders go onward forever!

14. When order was restored, God commanded Wak'hah to rise to be anointed, and God said: In Thy name, O Jehovih, I anoint this, Thy Son, God of heaven and earth for the next four hundred years. Guide him in wisdom and love, O Father.

15. And God gathered from the abundance of eth'ic and made a crown and placed it on Wak'hah's head, saying: Hail God of heaven and earth, Jehovih's Son! This was shouted by the hosts. And then God took off the triangle, the sam'gan, the heirloom of the Gods of the red star, the earth, and God hung it on Wak'hah's neck, saying: Take this heirloom, the symbol of three entities in one, and wear it for the glory of the Great Spirit, Jehovih.

16. To which Wak'hah, now God, answered: Thy will be done, O Father, Creator and Ruler over all. And all on the throne stood aside, and God (Wak'hah) ascended the throne and sat in the midst, whereat the es'enaurs chanted, and the hymn sounded around the whole earth. Then Aph, Son of Jehovih, spake, saying:

17. In four hundred years, O God, I will come and deliver thee and thy harvest, and thy Lords and their harvest, for the glory of Jehovih, the Unapproachable Almighty! Amen.

18. And now Aph went and sat down at the foot of the throne, whereat God came down according to custom and took his hand, saying: Arise, O God, Son of Jehovih, and go thy way! And Aph rose up, saluting, and he and his attendants departed and entered his star-ship. The es'enaurs chanted, the trumpeters played, and the solemn March of Jehovih's sea of fire sounded from heaven and earth.

19. The marshals now put the great works in order: Neph and his attendants were stationed on the right of Aph in a ship new built; next to him, the ships of his Lords and their attendants; after them, their marshals from the different divisions of the earth and atmospherea; next to them, the ships of the messengers; then the factors, then the nurses, then the physicians, and so on; and finally the divisions of earth-raised, who were now adjourned to the sun-avalanche, being of the same rank. And these comprised the harvest of Neph for Jehovih's emancipated realms; and the number of souls exceeded all other harvests raised up from the earth.

20. And now had come the time for the ascent, and Aph said: Give us of Thy power, O Jehovih! And his words were echoed in all places in heaven and on earth. The plateaux trembled and oscillated. Again Aph said: Of Thy power, O Jehovih! Arise, O Heaven! Arise, O Heaven!

21. And the plateaux of the sphere started from their foundations, and slowly moved back and outward from the earth. The es'enaurs played the march; the ethereans tore off strips of fabric and threw them down in Hored, and then formed flowers and leaves and perfumed them, and cast them out, to fall in the lower heavens.

22. Outward and outward the etherean world moved and moved, and then parted the breadth of the earth, and then rose slowly upward. Presently it turned on its own axis, and was as yet one entire world; but with its rotation the different stars began to individualize and separate, all save the harvest of Neph, which was the central figure, led onward and upward by Aph, Son of the Great Spirit.

23. Faster and faster rose the glorious scene, and more aweful, and sparkling with splendor! Nor could one from Hored scarce look upon the dazzling light. But higher it rose, and onward, toward its far-off destiny, till it disappeared in the firmament above.

Chapter XVII

1. Now was the atmospherea like a new heaven stripped of visitors, and ready to resume labor after a glorious festival. So God at once dispatched all hands to their places, and the factories, schools and colleges, nurseries and hospitals, were once more alive with willing workers.

2. And Hored prospered in every department; and so also did the departments of the Lords on earth; and mortals also prospered under the light of the Great Spirit.

3. For four hundred years God reigned in heaven, and his Lords under him, and the second dan of Aph fell upon earth and heaven. So God appointed An'on as his successor. And now Aph and his attendants came to deliver God; his Lords and people prepared for their resurrection up into etherea.

4. And the number of Jehovih's harvest was one thousand million souls.

5. And God (An'on) reigned his time, and his Lords under him, and they were also delivered by Aph, but by proxy, and the harvest of Jehovih was eight hundred million souls.

6. And his successor, God of Hored and atmospherea, and his Lords, fulfilled their dan, and they and their harvests were delivered by the proxy of Aph also; and the number of souls delivered was six hundred million. And Jehovih commanded Aph to commit atmospherea and the earth to the successors of Ra'zan of Garowista, in Ems of the etherean phalanx of eighty Ar'doth.

7. And the next harvest of God and his Lords was two hundred million souls. After that the earth passed into the a'ji of Urk'stand for eight hundred years, and the light of the upper heaven was lost to earth and atmospherea; so there was no harvest for the etherean realms. And because of the darkness in atmospherea it began to fall in hada; and the seven entities of tetracts took root in Hored, and overspread the dominions of God and his Lords. And many in heaven rose up, and, proclaiming themselves Gods or Lords, obtained followers, some to the extent of three millions of souls.

8. And these false Gods made slaves of their followers, exacting service, and in lieu giving pitiful homes and regimen; and by the labor of their slaves embellishing their mansions and cities in hada.

9. Jehovih had said of old: Before mortals I keep death forever present that they may not forget the change from corporeal to spirit life; otherwise they would dispute it possible in My hands for these things to be. But My resurrections in heaven are far apart, and the inhabitants thereof lose faith in those above them. Through faith is all power and glory attained; therefore have I exacted that angels cultivate faith in the next resurrection.

10. But during the last thousand years in atmospherea, there being no resurrections to etherea, many fell into disbelief of the emancipated heavens, and so sat about, building up heavenly kingdoms on their own account, and for their own glory. And in order to have exalted kingdoms they sent their slaves back to mortals to inspire them with the glory of their false God's kingdoms, that others in turn might become slaves also.

11. So confusion began in heaven again, and it reacted on mortals, through the angels' presence, and war and misery overspread the nations and tribes of men on earth. Thus ended the cycle of Aph's arc of Noe, which was three thousand six hundred years.

End of Book of Aph, Son of Jehovih.


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