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The Earth, the Sky and the Spirit

Symbols, Pictures and Graphics

Our Creator's Name in Symbol Form

Part 1 of 2

Cevorkum, The Great Serpent

Higher and Lower Heavens. Angels descending
Ethereans visiting the earth
Types of races - Asu
Types of Races - I'hin, I'huan and Yak
The earth and the higher and lower heavens
Se'muan firmament
Etherea, atmospherea and earth
The Signature
The Divine Seal
Flat-heads. King and Queen
Numeration Table
Etherean position of the earth in the time of Abraham, Brahma, Po and Eawahtah
Position of the earth when Anuhasaj established the names Lord God and Deity worshipful on the earth
Position of the earth in the time of Zarathustra
Place of the earth in the time of Moses
Earth and its atmospherea
Etherean Worlds and Roadways for Sun-Phalanxes
Primary Vortex
Secondary Vortex
Third Age of Vortex

Fourth Age of Vortex
Organic Wark, origin of meteors
The earth in Jy'ay
Shattered Wark, exploded meteors
The earth in A'ji
The earth in Nebula
Etherean swamp
Lo'iask, position of the earth in the heavenly wall
Solar Phalanx, the serpent
Prophetic numbers
Anoad, Spe-ta period
Earth in Se'mu
The solar phalanx orbit
Earth and atmosphere
Earth and sun
Dissection of Great Serpent
Cyclic coil
First, second and third resurrections

Mathematical problems
Travels of solar phalanx, 1st 9 thousand yrs after man's creation
Travels of solar phalanx, 2nd 9 thousand years after man's creation
Travels of solar phalanx, 3rd 9 thousand yrs after man's creation
Illustrations of light
Different lens illustrated
Planetary illustrations.
Pan, the submerged continent
Map of the earth
Transposition of languages
Tree of languages
Tablet of Osiris
Deviation of the line of the solar vortex
Star worshipers
Tablet of Kii
Tablet of Empagatu
Tablet of Zerl
Tablet of Fonece

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