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Want me to host your *NSYNC Fan Fic story? Read on...... mailbox has been totally flooded with piles and piles of stories since I started this page....but as you can see, very few are up here. Unfortunately being at uni full-time doesn't exactly allow me ANY time for updating this page...I haven't even had time to finish my own second story yet! So as much as I'd love to have all your stories up's not fair to say that'll I'll try and get them up when I really don't have the time. So for now, I'm not looking for any stories to host....but you can certainly still feel free to mail me your story for maybe an opinion, or even if ya don't mind having your story sit in my mailbox for who-knows-how-long, in the hope that by the time my next proper long vacation rolls round I'll get to putting it up then send it on over....I just wanna make it clear that I'm no longer making any promises that it'll end up on here any time real soon. But ya can still read on to find out what I'm really looking for......... Rin, December 2001.

Some people might call this their "rules" page for having a story hosted on their site...but I don't wanna have "rules" about hosting your stories. I'm pretty 'lax about what I'll host...pretty much anything. But here's a few things ya should probably read before e-mailing me at the addy below:

1. If it's at all possible, I'd LOVE it if you could send me your story already in .htm makes it sooo much easier for me, and it means I can get your story posted up so much quicker. But if you can't do this it doesn't mean I'm not gonna host your story...just send 'em on in any way you can.

2. When ya do send your story to me, can ya please give me the name you want the story to be written by (it can be your real name or your screen name or whatever), tell me whether the story is complete or not and whether or not I can put your e-mail address with your story on the page so you can get some feedback from readers.

3. Everyone's story gets a title page so if there's anything extra ya want me to put on your title page, maybe a picture that goes with your story or whatever, send that on in too.

4. And finally, if ya can't be fagged sending me in your whole story, but ya still want the opportunity for more people to read it...and it's hosted on another site....just send me the URL and I'll gladly make a link to where your story is at.

5. In the past I've been getting stories that have been up to 15 chapters long......and although I know I do have a really long story on this page...I'm not a huge fan of really long stories myself. Unless they're the BEST thing in the entire world that I've EVER read, I lose interest past about the 10th chapter...and I'm sure it's the same for a lot of people out to keep a readers interest I'd suggest a little editing if your story is heading towards an epic length....or even having a fewer amount of chapters by lengthining the chapters.

Other than this, there's nothing else ya need to know....I don't care who your story is about (well, it has to be at least one member of *NSYNC of course), how long or short it is (PREFERABLY not TOO long) or how much sex there is in it (c'mon, if ya don't mind reading about the guys gettin' a little action, ya must be lying) send them on in now to the addy below!

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