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Links to Stuff do I kill Goku?
This page takes a while to load because of the web ring speed it up, just press "Stop" on your browser now. By doing this, you will only be losing the web ring pictures, everything else will be there.

Here are some links for you to visit because my page isn't good enough for ya:

Other Nerdy Pages of Junk!

Check out the Evil Oni's Animation Page for more Ranma info and other junk on some other animes like Evangelion and Armitage III.

(Note: this page is a newbie and is still under construction. Keep on checking back for updates!)

What?! You still wanna see more nerdiness? Well, another competing homepage would have to be Jaycen's Anime and Manga Page. Here you can find still more info on Ranma 1/2 plus some new info on Record of the Lodoss War!

(Note: see the previous note above!)

Hmmm...this guy really isn't a nerd...he IS my cousin, though; doesn't that count? Well, go to "The Crappiest Little Metallica Page...Ever" (that's the actual name of it!) for a TON of Metallica info!

(Note: see the previous note above!)

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Ranma 1/2 Webrings

Thanks to Mr. Jase for the Ukyo animation!

Crazy Super-Wacky Flipped Out Ring
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That You Can't Live Without

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