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Aaron's Views On Ranma and How Home Equity Loans are Skyrocketing

Ranma 1/2 Info!!

(If you already know about Ranma 1/2 it would be pointless to read all of this!)

Ranma 1/2 is a wacky and fun anime by Rumiko Takahashi. It's meant to be a humor anime, but it does have a lot of action in it. Sometimes it can be a bit too cartoony but that adds to fun of it. Now: how many of you guys out there have ever dreamt of being a woman? (C'mon, don't hold out on me now, guys.....because if you do I'm gonna look like a major perv!) Well, that's what Ranma 1/2 is all about! The story centers around Ranma, a talented (yet jerky) martial artist who goes to China to train in the legendary Jusenkyo training grounds. However, this is a dangerous training ground of cursed springs where if a person should be so unfortunate to fall in they will be transformed into the last living creature who drowned in that spring. Some of the main creatures include a piglet, a young girl, and a goose. (Question: how does a goose drown? Think about it, won't you?) As you can already guess, there's gonna be a little explaining to do to Akane, Ranma's betrothed future (and "energetic") wife, who doesn't like Ranma at all. Now, Ranma has to live a "normal" life going to school, free-loading at the Tendo's Dojo, and repelling attacks of many misunderstanding and very violent enemies.

All of these profiles give basic information on the characters such as name, place of residence, who they love, who they hate, ect. There is also a brief history of each character and their fighting skills.

Profiles on all the characters from Ranma 1/2: