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The Nerd's Warehouse of Animation!

As a nerd it is imperative to be aquainted with some form of science fiction; be it Star Wars, comic books, or animation. I have indulged myself in the latter. Animation can take on many forms: The Simpsons, South Park, or the Power Puff Girls. However, even though I am a fan of these animations, the animations I talk of are Japanese animations (also known as Anime). I have three main favorite animations: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Ranma 1/2. I am well-versed in both the Dragon Ball and Ranma universes verses so you'd better hear me out! The following are links to my own critiques, info, and favorites of the named animation. If you follow the link to the animation you will probably find a link to another home page that I deem fit to help one's deeper understanding of the animation. Have fun and be sure to check out one of these great animations! KAMEHAMEHA!

Aaron's Nerdy Dragon Ball Z Page

(not ready) Why is this my favorite animation? Easy, it tastes like grapes.....mmmmm.

Aaron's Nerdy Ranma 1/2 Page

Every nerd's ultimate fantasy: to live the life of a man and a woman!