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What we've got here are links to music info on all of my cd's. You'll find a detailed explanation of each CD that I have personally listened to and a rating of each CD. I will update this page every time I buy a new CD, which is usually once a week.

The majority of my music is anything electronic. This includes industrial, techno, drum and bass, synth-pop, ect. However, I do have some roots in metal and (regretfully) mainstream alternative. I try to keep an open mind about music, but I must admit that I am a bit prejudice against "gansta" rap, most alternative music, and most all country.

I've broken down the album critiques into 2 different links: industrial music and techno music. Many people have many different opinions on what the definition of "industrial" is and what the definition of "techno" is. Some people even go as far as to say that terms such as "industrial" and "techno" should not be used. However, it is in my human nature to classify things, and I will only define "industrial music" as I see it. To me, industrial music is darker with vocals of a more personal nature. Techno music is generally made for dancing or club beats and is more focused on the music and has little to no lyrics (besides samples).

Another thing a person reading these reviews should know about is that I am a fan of "Christian music". Many say this is odd, because they think that Christianity and electronic music don't mix. Well, to me, Christian or atheist, Wiccan or Catholic, a musician is a musician. These Christian electronic bands are different only in the lack of curse words and having a different perspective on life and religion. For those people who have no interest in Christian electronic bands, I have labeled each "Christian" band with a (*) symbol.

Before you go and check out the reviews you might want to go and check out my definitions of some of these sub-genres!

Ratings are 1-10.

1 - 4.9 is really bad.

5 - 7.9 is OK, not too bad, not too great.

8-10 is super-keen!


Industrial music critiques.....I'm constantly updating!


Techno music critiques....I'm constantly updating!

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