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BAND INFO: Klank is THE industrial/metal band of the Christian industry. However, if you were to listen to any of Klank's work you'd find that there's not too much (if any) preaching or "positive messages for the youth". In fact, upon confirmation of becoming part of Tooth and Nail Records he signed the confirmation page by cutting his hand open and bleeding on the paper. (They probably later made him sign his actual name, "Daren Diolosa".) The bass, guitars, and vocals are all done by Diolosa; in fact, Diolosa was former guitarist for Circle of Dust. And, talking of Circle of Dust, all electronics and programming are by Celldweller (who is actually Scott Albert). This pair-up between the metal/shock rocker Diolosa and the industrial genius Celldweller can be compared to the old team up of metal/shock rocker Marilyn Manson and popular industrialist Trent Reznor. Klank now has a new very-hard-to-find CD called "Numb" which is the same Klank line-up minus Celldweller. There are still electronics and the music is still metal-esque. This CD can only be bought at live shows,, or through mail order.

Still Suffering
Downside Remixes


Still Suffering - OVERVIEW: Headbangers everywhere, here is the CD for you! Actually, I kind of exaggerated there, but it does have a lot of death metal guitars and slamming live drums. Fortunately, the vocals are not all growling and incomprehensive. Another fortunate aspect of this CD is the sharp, elaborate electronics that compliment the guitars beautifully. Unlike other metal/industrial CDs, the guitars do not drown out the electronics. As mentioned in the band info, this is considered to be a "Christian" release; but if you hadn't heard that here, you wouldn't have ever considered it to be. Most of the songs are of him being abused at a younger age or how America is being flushed down the toilet. Check out these lyrics: "I hate this world, and all it has to offer. If I had a choice, I'd rather be dead." (Note: check out the hidden message after track #10!)

RECORD LABEL: Tooth & Nail Records




YOU'D LIKE THIS CD IF YOU LIKE: Fear Factory or White Zombie's "Astrocreep: 2000"

RATING: 6.5 / 10

Downside Remixes - OVERVIEW: More electronics and less guitars. That pretty much wraps up the overview of this CD. It's just remixes of the Downside song off of Klank's first CD, "Still Suffering". All of the remixes are by Celldweller (Circle of Dust). It starts out with the original version of the song Downside. It then has two remixes of that song and two remixes of another song off of the "Still Suffering" CD, Animosity. The remixes have a kind of techno feel to them, but the guitars are still there. One of the remixes is even kind of chill and relaxing. The only problem with this CD is that it is extremely short; there are no hidden tracks and the booklet has no new information.

RECORD LABEL: Tooth & Nail Records




YOU'D LIKE THIS CD IF YOU LIKE: White Zombie's "Super Sexy Swingin' Sounds Remix" CD or the remix section (tracks #11-16) of the Circle of Dust CD, "Disengage"

RATING: 4.2 / 10

Numb - OVERVIEW: What in the world is Klank gonna do without Klay Scott to do the programming?! This album has been (overly) compared to Trent Reznor's (Nine Inch Nails) departure from Marilyn Manson. While it may be true that Klay does not take up the electronics for "Numb", it actually has some good programming. The electronics are definitely not as sharp as Klay's, but they do possess their elements of dance and groove. And, don't forget those guitars! That's right, the crunchy, metal guitars are still there. However, "Numb" seems to actually focus more on electronics rather than the guitars. Another aspect of this album that contrasts with "Still Suffering" is that it cuts down on the growling vocals and isn't as harsh. Speaking of the vocals, Klank's vocals are now more melodic and understandable. Alas, this album lacks one thing that made "Still Suffering" good: emotion. I don't know how to put my finger on it, but it just seems to have calmed down a little too much. "Numb" is a big leap for Klank because it cuts itself off from the Christian music scene. Diolosa created a new record label called "Smoke Dogg Productions" and "Numb" is the first release off of it. (NOTE: Remember to check out the hidden track at the end of the CD)!

RECORD LABEL: Smoke Dogg Records




YOU'D LIKE THIS CD IF YOU LIKE: Fear Factory or Razed In Black

RATING: 5 / 10

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