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Circle of Dust


BAND INFO: OK, this is gonna take a LOT of explaining, but after you're done reading you'll know what's going on. Circle of Dust is a one-man band that operates mainly out of New York. This "one man" has many different identities and aliases; the most commonly seen ones are Celldweller, Scott Albert, and Klay Scott. Circle of Dust's (also called "COD") debut self-titled album was pretty much a musical failure. Scott Albert decided to produce a side project called "Brain Child", which had only one CD called "Mind Warp". After this, Scott Albert signed on to a new distribution company and decided to re-release "Mind Warp" under the title of Circle of Dust. Thus, he just redistributed the exact same CD, only now the CD was Circle of Dust's "Brain Child" CD. Scott Albert (now known as "Klay Scott") then released his debut album with new material and a better sound quality. After this Klay realized that the label he was on, R.E.X., was going bankrupt. Circle of Dust was disbanded in 1995, but Klay went on to make "Argyle Park", which was pretty much a COD clone. After Argyle Park's debut release, Klay (who was now called "Celldweller") started on a new project: Angeldust. However, before he totally went into this, he decided to release a final COD album, "Disengage" under Flying Tart Records. Klay Scott can be found today writing music for Angeldust. Klay, Albert, Celldweller (whoever he is) can also be found on some other popular albums: he produced and programmed for the band "Chatterbox"; he mixed, produced, and recorded for the metal/industrial band Klank; he remixed for the band "Level"; he produced, programmed, and remixed for the popular Christian metal band "Living Sacrafice"; he created the MTV Sport's opening theme; and he has co-written and re-mixed for the metal band "Prong". (Whew!)

Brain Child
Circle of Dust (Self-titled)

Brain Child (re-release) - OVERVIEW: You want a metal-industrial cross over? You want slamming drums and metal guitars with a few electronics and beat loops added in to classify this as "industrial"? Well, you've got it. It's a very repetative, every-song-sounds-the-same kind of CD. However, when you hear it, you can really tell there's a lot of dormant talent waiting to be found.





YOU'D LIKE THIS CD IF YOU LIKE: Chatterbox or Perpetua

RATING: 1.7 / 10

Circle of Dust (Re-release) - OVERVIEW: Ah, a step up from COD's last release. This CD decreases the metal guitars and increases the electronics and beat rhythms. This CD is a re-release of Circle of Dust's debut self-titled album. And it's not just some remix CD either, it actually has 4 previously unreleased tracks and 6 of the already released songs re-done with better sound quality. This is a semi-melodic CD with great electronics and great complimenting guitars. That hidden talent you saw in "Brain Child" is now blooming. Remember to check out the hidden track at the end called "Dancing with Medusa"!


# OF TRACKS: 10 (4 previously unreleased and 6 re-mastered songs)



YOU'D LIKE THIS CD IF YOU LIKE: Argyle Park (side project of Circle of Dust)

RATING: 5.8 / 10

Disengage - OVERVIEW: Ok, no more metal-industrial more hidden talent that only comes out once in a while......this is the actual electronically industrial Circle of Dust. This CD contains everything you could want: some trip-hop lyrics, some hard-hitting dance music, some EBM, some ambient, and a whole lot of well-done remixes! Overall, the CD is straight forward electro-industrial that is pretty heavy. However, there are 3 beautiful ambient songs, one rap-core song (track #3), and 6 remix songs. What's really great about this CD is that it is all remixed onto itself. You're pretty much getting two CDs for the price of one. Originally, Klay Scott/Celldweller thought of releasing only the 10 original songs on one CD and then releasing a seperate remix album. However, he combined the two onto one CD. This is the final Circle of Dust release. TIP: Although released under a "Christian" label, this CD has none-whatsoever Christianity in it at all.

RECORD LABEL: Flying Tart Records




YOU'D LIKE THIS CD IF YOU LIKE: C-TEC or Cubanate's "Antimatter" CD.

RATING: 8.4 / 10

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