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High School Student

Perth,Western Australia

Bellow are my poems/Lyrics. I write them when i feel like it. I write about feelings that i feel and about injustices and wrongs. The person i admire most would be Zack De La Rocha. I like his writings because they are so meaningfull.

The world is a wash of colours.


the harder i try the worse it gets.

i feel like giving up sometimes.

my mind is gone.

im feeling down.

i want to drown.

end it all

why dont i fall

down, down, down,

its so confusing

to others it may be amusing.

but to me it is just a

wash of colours.

The world to me is a wash of colours.

mon. 3/9/99

Mon 6/9/99


is it the end or the begining

is it the middle ?

do we worry to much about death

death may be the key to the next life

a better one

one without tyranny and murder

one where all people are equal

no matter of race religeon or skin coulour


17/9/99 mon


What is the world coming to

Little kids stealing at school

Big kids stealing from the elderly

The elderly who have done

there service for the community

Live in fear.

Is that fair?

I ask

Is that fair?

I think not

Shouldnt they be able to live
in the satisfaction

That they may enjoy there last years?

Mon 23/9


I sit at home

all alone

i have a knife in my hand

i throw it up

if i catch the handle i live

if i catch the blade i die


Its a lottery

Whether we live or die

Fly high or fall down

bellow the ground

Today i found a will

A will to live

Upon this earth

No need to waste

My life

Jumping from a

High Rise


Mon 8/11/99


One reason im still here

is i could never let you win

never lose to you

i could never choose that opiton

the easy way would be to let you win

but i would never

never let you have that triumphant grin

over my dead body


never let you win

Mon 10/11/99


Waste away

Don't let yours

Waste away

Dont't listen to them

They don't know sh*t

They treat you like dirt

Is this the life for you?

It is up to you to choose

you are the loser

It dont matter what you are

Just as long as you are happy

I dont see this happening

Isee you going down

Those "freinds" are making your cause

A lost one

Mon 18/11/99

Let you win>br> I could never let you win
letting you win would
be like saying im nothing.
Ending it all by taking a fall
would be letting you win
letting you carry on
to the next victim
wiping the smile of each corpse
saying your things
and not worrying about the consequences
no,there is no way im going
to let you win
For the sake of others
I will be strong as a tiger
with the tiger spirit of never
giving up
like the mouse in the trap
you are stuck
All because I wont let
you put out the spark in me
the fire will rekindle
and believe me you will be
stuck in the trap.

Mon 14/12/99

I sit alone at night

thinking about my life

like an ant with small sotne on its back to some

is like a a ton of bricks on my back

it eats away all feeling of confidence

reducing me to nothing

i am nothing

a waste of space some might say

i am currnetly wondering why i bother

why do i bother?


the answer is

i dont know why i do bother