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Kelly Armstrong

Melville Senior High School

Eskimo Joe are the greatest!

Skate Hard!

There's people all around but faces I can't see
If only you were there to be the guide I need

There's no-one else to help I need you by my side
There's people all around I can not go and hide

They do not understand I make myself be strong
I shouldn't wait for you but the rest seems all wrong

I have to walk away, one day I'll make it through
And then you'll realise, when there's no me for you

Staring at pictures of you, I'm thinking about the days
When we'd talk and laugh, I'm remembering the ways
You used to joke around with me, you were all I used to see

But now we've grown apart, I knew this would happen from the start
I'd do anything to go back to how it used to be
Now everything reminds me of you, the rain, these tears, the sea

No one told me it was my fault, I guess they don't need to
It's obvious I wrecked everything, But it's what I had to do
The friendship wasn't enough, the only thing I have for you is love.


I can't express the way I feel
Because all the words in the world can't explain what's real
All I can say is that i love you, I only wish you feel the same
Then I'd be winning coz this feels like a game
I hope you know how much I'm hurting inside
All I think about is you, Coz everything around me has died
If only I could breathe, everything's been done
I hate this game, I haven't won.

I don't even know his name
But I know that I'm in love
He's the one I haven't met
He's made in heaven above

They'll be a day when we meet
Tomorrow, maybe today
Will I know that he's "the one"?
Well, he'll be the one to stay

Some say that we'll never meet
I need him to prove them wrong
There's such a thing as true love
Without, it's hard to be strong
to be continued.......