Diva Tarot

Welcome to

The goal of Diva Tarot is to create a tarot deck which celebrate
the magic of being a woman.
This diverse group of artists are linked from around the globe
via the World Wide Web at YAHOO!groups
a great place to meet for sharing our ideas and art
...with a sprinkling of laughter and strong sense of community.
As you see, the deck is a work in progress,
however we invite you to shuffle through our cards
and share in the Spirit of Diva Tarot!

Completed Cards

The Fool
The Magician
The Empress
The Hierophant
The Chariot
The Moon
Mother of Fire
Crone of Fire
Maiden of Water

Rough Drafts

The World
Two of Air
Mother of Water/Beach
Mother of Water/River
Four of Water

all images Copyright 2001 by members of Diva Tarot

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