Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands by Sally Stephen (Bailee Akyra)

From the TDC Tarot

The first card of the suite of flames, the ace symbolizes the birth of all possibilities. It is the threshold of creativity as influenced by Mercury, holding the power which drives our primary or initial impulse.

Waving this wand, at best, brings about ingenuity, motivation & creativity - but be wary of a restless nature. There lies a need to capture the spark in order to keep your fire burning or risk settling into boredom and casting the ashes aside along with all those other unfinished projects.

Look to the sources of your inspiration - whatever it may be that feeds passion's fire. Does your creative expression carry through with the same intensity as it's inception? Find ways to keep this energy fresh and alive.

Learn to trust your intuition. It carries all the magic of a new beginning.
The image depicts a staff with the traditional inclusion of new leaves sprouting and fluttering about. Look closely and you may begin to envision a goddess, arms entertwined and reaching for the sky.

The backdrop is ablaze with color, fanning out in a flame-like motion. This may be interpreted in your own way. Perhaps you see the dawn of sunrise or the fleeting glimpse of a rainbow swirling in it's spectrum of light.

Whatever your vision, a bold new promise awaits for you to commence.

I hope you enjoy the card, which is my first attempt at an actual tarot card. I am quite honored to be a part of this collaboration with TDC. Please be sure to look at all the other magnificent cards in this grouping of the 22 major arcana and the 4 talk about CREATIVE SPIRIT!