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The nature of life in reality . . .

Feeling crappy

I hate being sick. It's even worse to get sick in the summertime. And yes, even though it is after Labor Day and we can't wear white shoes anymore (saints be praised!), it is still summer - for two more weeks. I've had this hacking cough and running nose since the weekend. I'm pretty sure it is incurable, short of an icepick through the sinus cavity. The really bad part is that I have to work this weekend. We're having a major software conversion at work and that adds up to 8-hour days on Saturday and Sunday. Joy! Maybe I'll pass out and they'll have to send me home.

James says that I probably have a sinus infection and should go to the doctor. I don't believe in sinus infections any more. Besides, doctor's offices are full of sick people. I disgust myself right now. The last thing I want to do is sit in an uncomfortable chair with lots of out of date news magazines and listen to snot filled folks like myself!

I hate to go off on another driving rant, but apparently they don't have traffic in Kansas. I'm driving in this morning and I get behind a guy in a Tercel with Kansas plates. I know the Tercel isn't known for its rally like suspension, but this was ridiculous. He drove ten miles under the speed limit (on Poplar - like anybody pays attention to the posted speed limit on Poplar outside of Germantown) and he kept slamming on his brakes for no good reason. A car honks its horn a block away - brake lights. An ambulance going the opposite direction passes - brake lights. A man in the donut shop sneezes - brake lights.

Maybe it's just a conspiracy with the west part of Poplar. As I was on my way to a dress fitting (the wedding dress is almost finished, yeah!), I come across a car that just decided not to drive in the rain. Now that's a good thing. If you feel that you aren't capable of operating heavy machinery in the rain, I don't want you on the road. I do wish, however, that you make that choice before you get in front of me! This dude was going less than one mile an hour. I was creeping so slow behind him that my speedometer didn't even register. I honked, made the appropriate obscene finger gesture, and turned down a side street to get away. I looked in my rear view mirror a few seconds later and he was still in the same spot!

If I ever act that stupid, I hope someone takes my license.

If you're reading this, the 9/9/99 bug didn't kill us. I suppose we have a few more months to go.

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