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The nature of life in reality . . .

Comings and Goings


It's rainy outside today. That's not a bad thing. We need the rain. It's washed a lot of the pollen out of the air and the humidity seems to have lifted its grip a bit. It has given me a nasty headache, though. That is a bad thing.

Harold and Sonya are gone. Harold got a new job in New Orleans and they left last Saturday. It was kind of unceremonious actually. They only knew about the move three weeks in advance and there was a lot of life planned for the meantime . . . Saints' scrimmage games, Duran shows, apartment quests.

I was really, really bummed about it last weekend. We went downtown last Friday to help them pack up the rest of their things. That little apartment looked even smaller as the night wore on. Pieces of their life moved out the door and down the elevator. Ours had done that only a few months before, but their stuff was going a lot farther . . . six and a half hours away to be exact.

I'm happy for them. They have wanted to move down there ever since I've known them, so it wasn't really a surprise. But being in that empty apartment made me think of how many significant details of my life were spent there. I met my best friend . . . the closest thing I have ever had to a sister. I drank too much tequila and red wine. I met my husband. I had sex with my future husband for the first time in that living room. I passed out in their shower. I took care of the dog. I wrote fanfiction for Christ's Sake!!

Things change and time passes. I suppose I'll get used to the idea in a while. I hear that they have a great place. They are living in an old orphanage and I'm living in an old school. Anybody want to psychoanalyze this?? I hope they made it there. I haven't heard from them yet. I know that has to be driving Sonya crazy. She is such the email queen.

I think James and I will head down there Labor Day weekend. It's the only chance we'll have really 'cause neither one of us can afford to take any time off. That is a sad place to be, isn't it?

I got an email from one of my high school class' officers the other day. I never really knew the guy. I just knew of him. Anyway, he is trying to get things ready for our 10-year reunion next year. Apparently, he has no idea where the other three officers are. It's beginning to sound lame already, not that I was expecting a wild party anyway. I remember what these people were like in high school.

It's strange too, cause I've also been getting back in touch with my two best friends from college. I have kept in pretty good contact with one. He is in Florida. I went to see him once a couple of years ago when he was still in graduate school and he has been to town a few times. We still write notes and Christmas cards. Well, he finally got email. We talk much more frequently now. I don't know how he would feel about my revealing his name to the web, so let's call him "Donald." My other friend, let's call him "Clark," went to graduate school in Boston, so I haven't seen him since he left. I kept tabs on Clark through Donald. Now that Donald has email himself, he's passing out addresses like candy, so Clark and I have been emailing back and forth over the last couple of weeks.

I've discovered that we all have the same longing to reconnect with our college friends. That was a really amazing time. We were all theatre majors and the three of us were kind of like the Three Musketeers. If you found one, you usually found one or two of the others. And we had the common desire and drive to learn and create art. I know that I have become disillusioned about that creativity in my post-academic life because a lot of the community theatre people don't seem to share the same passion that I have. Clark and Ross have found the same thing in South Florida, Boston, and Nashville. They are talking about packing it up and heading north ? maybe to Chicago or New York. I know I'm not ready to join them at this time in my life, but I have a pretty good feeling that we'll get back together someday. We'd be the ultimate triple threat.

I guess that cosmic touch theory is true. You will always have a safety net of friends, colleagues, and family. When one of them moves in another direction, you regain contact with another. That way you're always protected.

Ok. I made that up. But it sounds pretty good.

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