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The nature of life in reality . . .

I thrill when I drill on bicuspids


I hate going to the dentist. I don't know why, actually. I've only been to one my entire life and he's an old and trusted family friend. I've never had any major dental work. Still I hate going. But yesterday I had to.

You see, I've had a toothache for the last four days. I put up with the pain and the fever for as long as I could. I finally had to admit to myself that I had a problem and needed to seek help. So, I left work early so that I could have a wisdom tooth extracted - or so I thought.

For years I was told that I wouldn't get wisdom teeth since I never got my 12 year molars. I puffed up with a smile at the horror stories others told of cut-outs and oral surgeons with a sadistic streak. "I don't have to do any of that because I'm more highly evolved.", I said to myself. Turns out I was just as primitive as everyone else. Anyway, when I got to the dentist I was informed that the tooth did need to come out. That, however, was not my problem. Apparently I have an infection in a tooth that they filled 18 months ago. In order to avoid aroot canal, I have to take penicillin for two weeks. I had some hydrocodone at home, so that is helping with the pain. It's better today but the penicillin (in conjunction with the new antibiotic I'm taking for my spotty skin) is making muffins. Oh the joys of being female.

And I'll still have to deal with the wisdom teeth . . . and maybe even the root canal. This way I can put it off until I get dental insurance.

September is going to be a busy month.

Another related discovery: two ultimate frozen margaritas (with side cars of cactus juice) and a Lortab make for a happy evening! You still hurt but you don't mind it so much.

And if any of you decide to go to the Fridays in downtown Memphis, be sure to ask for Neal. He'll serve up a hefty dose of "Texas Queen" attitude with your meal. I highly recommend him.

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