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The nature of life in reality . . .

The crown doth weigh heavy upon the Queen's head


It's been a bad weekend for royalty. The heir apparent to Camelot is apparently dead and the Queen of the Galaxy has gotten herself dumped on yet again.

I do volunteer work for Playwrights' Forum. It used to be a reciprocal relationship. I do graphic design work and publicity for them and they let me direct plays. Lately, however, I feel as though I am spinning my wheels. I try to make a difference and get things going in a positive direction, and it all goes down the toilet.

Case in point, the last show I directed for them: The Swan Queen and the Radical Faerie. I worked my ass off to get the publicity machine going. I managed to secure radio interviews on two stations, get a feature article in the Memphis Flyer, a review in the Commercial Appeal . . . but they didn't put us in the listings. Nobody came to see it. We had hefty competition from Memphis in May and every freaking other theatre in town, sure, but it was still depressing. Granted, SQRF had some serious problems. I recognize that. I knew it was going to be difficult from the get go -- I like things that way. What I didn't expect was a lackluster reaction from the other folks in the organization. Actually, I did kind of expect that. Its par for the course here. But I really didn't think that I would be blamed for not getting the buzz out. I did everything for that show that I possibly could do. I didn't succeed.

I'm still paying for it. I'm trying to get the ball rolling on the next show for them that opens in less than two weeks. This show has a producer (I had to serve as my own). He is very generous and helpful and all that kind of good stuff. He has managed, however, to make my life a living hell over the past few weeks. His good nature has gotten in the way of my doing things.

I'm not knocking him at all. I just wish that everybody in this organization would learn to communicate with each other instead of talking in private conversation and coming to me at the very last possible moment with impossible deadlines!

I know that I am responsible for all this. I should have made 200 phone calls and bugged everyone to make sure that they were getting me what I had to have. But, I didn't. I'm busy. Now, I'm busy and doing things I don't have time for.

Sad thing is that I'm not sure that I care about it like I did once upon a time.

Leah and Jody . . . if you're out there listening, I'm taking your advice. The family's in the market for a new artistic home.

. . . on a lighter note! Tickets for Duran Duran's shows in Biloxi, MS go on sale tomorrow.

I'm so glad that little things make me happy. read the archive