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Three zeros

Is it just me, or was the whole Y2K thing the biggest non issue that ever was?

My holiday was uneventful as usual. I did manage to watch Xanadu in the presence of the husband (something that he said would never happen.) James got me a copy on DVD for Christmas. Sonya was sick and she had never seen it (a captive audience or an opportunity for merriment, take that as you will) so I brought it down to their DVD player. James began to heckle during the opening credits. Sonya only made it to the "franchized glitz dealer" scene before going to bed (she had the flu). I watched the whole thing faithfully, as I have so many times before . . . shushing James during the Gene Kelly scenes.

Harold went about his usual business (futzing around the kitchen, banging on the computer . . . ). I don't think that I have ever set down to watch a movie or any other sort of television event with Harold when he didn't multi-task. He usually has some sort of novel, or computer game or what-not going on as well. He was working on his website during Xanadu, but I didn't really think much of it since he was "working" from home. Later, I noticed that Harold commented on the movie not once, but in two journal entries in two days. He may lead his readers to think that he is above it all, but he's not. I caught him singing along - and not just to the songs that got radio play.

It is a silly film, though. I never noticed the leg warmers on the little bird in the animation sequence before. Kind of puts the giant phallus in King Tritan's castle in perspective.

Back to more relevant matters, nothing happened. I was actually kind of disappointed. Now I'm not calling for terrorism or anything, I had just expected somebody to do something stupid. They let me down. I guess it's just my old protester spirit bubbling up again. What is with these young people anyway? They have the world's attention, you'd think they could throw up a banner or something.

Work was back to a somewhat normal pace today. That's nice. It won't last though. It never does. And I'm getting sick, which just makes everything worse anyway. We did do laundry Sunday (some of it anyway) and the bathtub is clean. We get our new computer desk this weekend, so that leaves us four days to do the rest. That's manageable, right?

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