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"It's gonna be a happy new year . . ."

Before anyone rags me for not updating in six weeks, let me explain.

Iíve been busy.

I suppose you want more than that. Ok. I guess youíre entitled to a full explanation.

Since my last entry, I have:
  • Stayed late and worked through lunches
  • Endured the horror that is non-cornbread-based dressing
  • Kept busy as hell
  • Helped my new in-laws move
  • Braved malls full of last minute shoppers
  • Missed more than a few hours sleep
  • Written, cast, re-cast, directed, and produced a Christmas show
  • Lost a friend to a sudden heart attack
  • Attended the classiest memorial service of all time
  • Still not done my laundry
  • Been tempted to bitch-slap a rude relative who has no respect for others in the family
  • Purchased a DVD player
  • Gotten lots of new toys
  • And had the first/best Christmas ever with my new husband.

    I have wanted to write about all of these things, but it just didnít happen. Iím sure that I will revisit them all at some point for your reading pleasure and my therapy. For now, youíll have to settle for a list. I stole the idea from Harold. Iím sure heíll forgive me.

    Things that I love about 1999:

    Marriage: October 16, 1999 Ė a day which shall live in infamy

    Tim Burton: Have you seen Sleepy Hollow?!?!

    Cake: If you donít get this, you havenít seen Dress to Kill.

    Disney World: It really is the happiest place on Earth!

    Best Friends: You really learn who your friends are when you get married.

    Hallucinating Elvis: Youíll know what I mean when you hear it. Release date 3/00

    The Blair Witch Project: Before itís machine took over Ė ďScary as Hell!Ē

    Nephews: You get to spoil them and then give Ďem back.

    Let it Flow: Three nights, three shows, backstage passes.

    The West Wing: The best new show on television.

    American Pie: Guilty pleasure. Iíll never look at a flute the same way again.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Iím becoming addicted. If Oz comes back, Iíll be a junkie by mid-season.

    Paid health insurance: ĎCause paying COBRA sucks!

    Goth: Itís fun to revisit your youth.

    Things that Iím not so keen on:

    Hype: The millennium is not until next year

    The plague: I suffer.

    Death: They say it comes in cycles and I hope this one is over. This year gave me too many absent friends.

    Security Guards: Especially ones that shove you and make you tear cartilage in your knee.

    Jar Jar Binks: Damn, that guy is annoying!

    Wrecking Balls: Iím still a little bitter about Auditorium North Hall

    Hip Urban Youth: These líil gangstía wanía beís are trashiní the crib, man.

    Kenwood Customer Service: Because my car stereo is still not fixed.

    Format Radio: Now that the Phantomís in town, Iíll never switch back!

    Non-Profit Volunteers: The things I do for the love of theatre . . .

    Cat fights:More specifically cat piss . . . on my clothes.

    Ignorance: Hello!! Did you people sleep through school?? Do you care??

    Re-Action News Five: Big Dave is hurting up there.

    Puff Daddy: No-No-Not Duran Duran you donít!

    And thatís my take on the last year, of the last century of the millennium.

    If the power is still on and the ya-hooís havenít blown up the planet, Iíll update more frequently in the New Year. Our new computer gets here on the 17th Ė Iíll have no more excuses.

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