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Weekly Wrap-Up

Itís been a strange week. Iím not sick, but I havenít really felt up to par either. James has been on call, so his schedule has been crazy. That, in turn, has made my schedule crazy and I havenít gotten shit done.

I know it is easy to blame it on circumstance, but I just donít feel like working hard when I get home in the afternoons. I work an 8 to 5 cubicle job. There is nothing physically demanding about it since I sit at a computer all day, but it is draining. Itís not exactly daylight when I drive in and itís verging on dark when I drive home. The only time I actually see daylight is if I go out for lunch. James is a service tech, so he doesnít ever have a place to light - - always going from one problem to another. He carries around a lot of equipment too, and the stress of being the ďonlyĒ go to person tries him at times. He doesnít want to do anything bug vegetate when he gets home. I canít really blame him.

All that aside, our apartment is a shambles and I donít see it getting any better until the weekend.

How sad is it that I can bitch and complain about this for weeks at a time and still make no real progress. A statement on our generation, methinks.

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and I could care less. All I want is the two days off to get some shit done. I know it is supposed to be about family, but after the wedding (and the two cousinsí weddings before mine) I am just about familied out. Iíve never been big on turkey and I hate biscuit dressing (which is what we have to eat when we go to my Auntís house Ė a sacrilege I assure you). I think there ought to be a law against serving real cranberries (I prefer the can shaped concoction myself) and any dish that is pale green and contains marshmallows. In fact, lets just eliminate the entire Jell-O genre!

My friend Harold will be spending his first Thanksgiving as a vegetarian and I wish him well. Iíve seen several vegetarian friends meet their undoing at the Thanksgiving table. Itís not that they want to give up on their idealism or anything, itís just the sight (and smell) of the tofu turkey that sends them kicking and screaming to the other side. Itís not a pretty site.

I know that I have a week to go to really talk about this stuff, but the office is having their Thanksgiving feast today. Italian food in the upper warehouse just oozes class to me. But, it is a free lunch and the co-workers tell me itís usually a good spread. They let us wear jeans today too, which is a plus for me. I really miss having casual Fridays.

I had wanted to see a movie this weekend, but thatís not going to happen since James has the pager. So youíll have to wait another week for a new cinema rant.

And for the record, I liked Dogma. I still say that he could have made a better movie for less money, but thatís just me.

And it pissed me off that Silent Bob didnít wear his signature black trench coat. I just hope the costuming decision wasnít in reaction to the whole Columbine thing. That would really piss me off.

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