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The nature of life in reality . . .

I feel so honored!

I have had a horrible run of it at work lately. The whole office has. We've been terribly busy and horrifically short-handed. I do the best that I can though, and I guess the powers that be noticed. You see, I got a sort of promotion. I didn't get a raise or a new title or anything, but my responsibilities changed. No longer would I have to chop wood and carry water for the salespeople in my department. I was being upgraded to more administrative duties like collections and special projects. In order to facilitate this transition, they hired a second support person to take over some of my old tasks. "Hurrah!", I said to myself, "The days of playing Step and Fetchit are over!"

I'm afraid that I celebrated too soon. They fired her after two weeks.

So now I am back doing all the daily tasks that I used to in addition to all of the new things. That means that I don't get to let up all day long. I could come in an hour early, skip lunch, and stay an hour late every day and still not keep on top of everything. And as if that isn't bad enough, we have a district manager meeting in the office next week. Since they like me (and I am glad that they do - believe me) the powers that be have given me two big projects to complete for the meeting. That would be fine . . . if I had the time to do them! I finished as much as I could today. I'm still waiting to get hold of one of the manager's laptops so that I can finish the rest of it. I just hope they don't need this stuff until after Wednesday. I'd go for Friday, but I'm not pushing it.

All of this brings me back to my original point . . . damn, I work a good tangent. Harold wrote about me on his journal! Actually, he writes about me all the time, but I was really excited because he plugged my journal!! How cool is that?? The totally cool thing is the company I am with. These guys are awesome - and much more diligent about updating than I am.

He thinks I have promise. I think I'm going to need a tissue.

I never really thought a lot about what I write, really. I like it cause I wrote it. But, I am a Leo and sometimes we Leo's tend to think that we are a lot wittier than we actually are. Thursday, I got an unsolicited email from a friend of mine from Birmingham. She liked the last entry. She even asked me if I wrote professionally. I told her no, of course. But since I am a theatre person I guess I do have some excuse.

I feel just like Sally Field. You like me! You really, really like me!

See that H . . . two entries this week. I'm improving, eh??

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