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Course curriculum


Semester I

        Programming Methodology using C++

        Computer organization & Fundamentals

        Business Data Processing

        Principles of Management

        Mathematics for Computer Sc. & Mgmt. I

        Practical Exam. & Comprehensive Viva on C++ & COBOL


Semester II

        Computer Networking

        Data and file Structures

        Database Management System

(Using Oracle/Sybase/Ingress/Informix/DB2)

        Financial Accounting

        Management Information System

         Mathematics for Computer Sc. & Mgt. II

       Practical Exam. & Comprehensive Viva.


Semester III

        Internet & Web Technology

(Java, HTML and E-commerce)


1.      OOAD (Using C++)

2.      Advanced Packages Practical Works  (Visual Studio, Power Builder, Oracle)


1.      Systems Programming & Operating System

2.      Computer Graphics & Multimedia

        Financial Management

        Statistic for Computer Sc. & Mgt.

        Project Phase I

      Practical Exam. & Comprehensive      Viva


Semester IV

        Client Server Technology

        Software Engineering

         Computer Oriented Optimization Models

        Enterprise Resource Planning


        Organizational Behavior 

        Project Phase II

        Practical Exam.& Comprehensive Viva