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The  Institute :


Devi Ahilya VishwaVidyalaya (formerly University of Indore) was established in 1964 by an act of legislation of Madhya Pradesh. It has been bestowed with "Center Of Excellence" award by Govt. of M.P. The university has been declared as a Model University in the Commonwealth Year Book 1990.

The Institute of Computer Science & Elex. is an autonomous department under DAVV, its goal set to produce quality software specialists to meet the global challenge.The endeavor of the institute has been to provide latest and state of the art technology to hone skills of the students (including IBM/AS400, Mainframe System Cyber CDC-180/830 with 40 terminals, Supermini ICIM 6000 System with 12 terminals and many more). 
The institute with its internet connectivity through VSNL puts all its students on the information highway. The institute conducts various courses directed for meeting the needs of IT industries through instructions, researches & services.