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The Top of the LoRE Command Ladder

Listed below are descriptions and pictures of our first three members who are, consequentially, our founding fathers and most prestigious members. If you need help in our guild, go to one of them.

Kane - Guild Master and Grand Commander of LoRE

Kane is a very experienced warrior-mage who has been in RhyDin for over 4 years now. His mun has a great deal of experience in D&D and AD&D as well and is very skilled at his work. Kane's signature weapon, the met'leth, is a very brutal axe-sword combination that allows for punishing damage in quick hits. He also possesses an extensive array of magical spells. When enraged, Kane reveals his true form, which is that of a fallen angel equipped with razor-sharp black metal wings. In this form, he is lightning fast and very deadly.

Mephisto - The Lord of Hatred and LoRE's Second-in-Command

Mephisto is an massive Arch-Demon with razor sharp claws and teeth. His dark visage is the thing of nightmares and foes tremble at his feet begging for mercy seconds before his powerful axe cleaves them in two. His powerful axe is also attached to a long chain which ends in a flail ball. Riding atop his powerful Hell-steed Baal, his flail wreaks havoc on his adversaries before the match can begin.

Raziel - Third in Command

Raziel is a vindictive vampire who possesses the ability to shift from our world to the spirit realm at will. His signature weapon, the Soul Reaver, is based in the spirit world but has incredible damage potential when unleashed in our realm. His wings and lower jaw restored by one of LoRE's best healers, Naudia, Raziel is back in the swing of action and ready to bring down anyone he sees fit.