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LoRE Division Commanders

LoRE's four divisions are lead by skilled commanders. Each division has it's own unique leader. We have an Executioners division, a Warlocks division, our Black Medics and a covert ops division known as the Dark Order.

Jarok B'Mor

Cold and calculating, Jarok is the leader of our Executioners division. Jarok possesses limited telekinetic abilities and fight with an array of technological weaponry and instruments. Skilled in the arts of combat and torture, Jarok is to be feared on the field of battle.


The leader of LoRE's Warlocks Division, the powerful Death Mage Minion manipulates the legions of the undead to do his bidding. Able to sustain extensive physical damage with little or no effect, Minion is a force to be reckoned with.

Raziel Porter

Raziel is our resident shapeshifter and a well-to-do leader of our Black Medics division. Noted for smoking clove cigarettes and his unorthodox healing methods, Raziel is useful to the LoRE cause regardless.