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  Not the Usual Girl Next Door
Who am I?

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Lisa Clover
Bachelors of Science, Graduate,
Indiana State University






Welcome to my humble abode! I am back to update and finish up some stuff. Since I was here last, I have since graduated Indiana State University and have begun to work on experience. I have been through so much since I've been here in '99.
I of course am still working on my mediocre page. =) However, I did myself a favor and got rid of my first page so you cannot see how nasty I was then and how wonderful I am now with my web page experience! =0) I'm working on more pictures and other miscellaneous stuff to add to my page. Some are still under construction and in need of being fixed but I'm on that! I do have a updated pic of my guy and me so you can see how adorable we both are. If that is too mushy for you, please feel free to browse my other pages. Afterall, I DID save my honey and myself for the last so you can skip over that page if you so desire. But other than that...LET THE SHOW BEGIN......

Since my trip to Seattle, I have graduated, met a great guy and spent my Spring Break break with him in England.

Oh yes, ENGLAND! I had a fabulous time there. I got to meet Lilith, Belgarion, and I was sad to not have enough time to meet my other friends: Trudie, Penfold, NewsFlash, Tinkerbell, and others. Perhaps, next go-around I'll see them. =0)

Who is this woman? You may think to yourself.
My name is Lisa. I love to smile, have fun, flirt, and crack jokes. If you've talked to me apparently all of this is obvious, eh? If you are a first timer and haven't had the luxury of meeting or talking to me, then what is up wid dat? C'mon and send me an email or even find me in a chatroom or thereabouts and we can chitchat until one of gets tired that we fall asleep at our PCs.
    I think to get fun you must be fun; laughter is the best medicine; and life is a box of chocolates you never know what you will get. YES, I like meaningful quotations, poetry and all that "junk." Hey?! What can I say? I'm female.
    I'm an optimistic and very sweet young lady. HOWEVER don't let my "goody-too-shoes" act fool ya, I'm mean and rotten underneath. ;-) I don't know how everyone can put up with me most of the time, but they love me. :-D

Things I like to do... I love to be outdoors (ooh, I see a pic time here--brace yourself),


be on the net chatting or emailing (duh!), hang out with friends, and do all the normal stuff that people like to do. I'm outgoing and really fun to hang out with and in general a good person to be around.


My Friends All Around
I have lots of friends here on the net that I'm PROUD to say are my buddies....I would name you all but I don't have all day or night so YOU know who you are so...                              to you all. Thank you (or a "shout out") goes to all of my friends for helping me with my page. THANK YOU!*HUGS* Also a SPECIAL shout out goes to my baby, whom JUST GOT an HTML crash course by assisting me with my page. LOVE YOU BABY!! Thank you for helping me.


Well I believe that is all from me for now. I'll continue updating this thing. I've added a few more pictures for you to astonish and gasp over. Also, I have a guestbook so PLEASE sign and let me know your thoughts, advice and other stuff that you would like to see added to my page. OOH! I have a surprise for you! I am adding MORE graphics to my web page so come back often and be NOSEY and see what mischief I'm causing. ;~)

Until then....LATER! <NEXT PAGE>>>>