Sister Fun

* maggie^mae drops a lil curtsy

<Okie_Dokie> Likewise, Maggie *kotc*

<Okie_Dokie> nice curtsey :o)

<maggie^mae> fankies, Mr Okie

<Okie_Dokie> yw Maggie :o)

* Okie_Dokie puts his hand into his pocket and pulls out a giant lollipop for each of the girls..

* kalista grins

<kalista> fank's Okie

<kalista> i love lollipops

<maggie^mae> it cherry???

<Okie_Dokie> yw cupcake ;o)

<Okie_Dokie> cherry and banana, Maggie :o)

<maggie^mae> ooouuu.....thank YOU!

* kalista unwraps it slowly...and licks at it slowly

<Okie_Dokie> you're welcome, my little angel :o)

* Okie_Dokie smiles adoringly at kalista

* maggie^mae tears hers open and sticks the whole thing in her mouth

<Okie_Dokie> lol

* kalista giggles at maggie

* kalista slips it into her mouth...sucking gently on it..swallowing the sweetness

* GinoCoCo wonders if he might has a taste of that too....

<GinoCoCo> hvae

<maggie^mae> nt's mnwwy moog!

<GinoCoCo> have=have :))

* kalista looks at GinoCoCo ....i dont know where your mouth was before...nuh uh

<Okie_Dokie> Kalista.. Play nicely, now! ;o)

* GinoCoCo can tell u the same :))

* kalista cluthes her lollipop and sucks on it

* maggie^mae pops the lollipop out of her mouth and grins at her sis

<kalista> yes Okie

* maggie^mae licks her lips allll over...very slowly...savoring the delicious sweetness

* Okie_Dokie takes a seat on the couch and begins reading the newspaper..

* kalista frowns at GinoCoCo..and slides her tongue over the lollipop

* GinoCoCo starts to pout...

<GinoCoCo> childish yeah..but still..u don't want to share :)

* maggie^mae pokes kali...trying not to giggle

* kalista keeps a straight face..and slides the lollipop in and out of her mouth

* maggie^mae leans over and licks the other side of kali's lollipop

* kalista giggles

* GinoCoCo just watches...wishing it to be something u sucked....

* Okie_Dokie gets a sense of deja vu.. then realises this is last week's paper ;o)

<GinoCoCo> somethging else

* maggie^mae grins and licks kali's lips too

* kalista pulls the lollipop...from her lips and giggles

* kalista blushes

<maggie^mae> 15whatcha blushing for, kali?

<kalista> nufffin

* Okie_Dokie smiles at the two gals.. then completes the half-finished crossword before putting the paoer down on the coffee table..

<GinoCoCo> soooooo....maybe lollipops are'nt the only things u've sucked...?

* kalista looks at Gino...

<kalista> well..actually...

<kalista> ive sucked popsicles, and candies...and icecream

<GinoCoCo> mmmmmmm?

<GinoCoCo> :)

<maggie^mae> shhhh kali....don't tell him!

<Okie_Dokie> hehe

* kalista looks at Okie....

<maggie^mae> ooooo good! she kept the secret!

* kalista holds her lollipop out to Okie...

<kalista> want some

<GinoCoCo> better tell..rather than have me guessing..i might just guess wrong u know..:))

* Okie_Dokie smiles at Kali and declines her offer.. of the lolly, anyways ;o)

<maggie^mae> GinoCoCo....have you read the rules yet?

* kalista giggles...and slides her tongue all around the lollipop

* maggie^mae giggles

* kalista leans close to maggie..and kisses her sticky lips..

<maggie^mae> MMmmmmmmmm

* kalista giggles..and pulls back..

<kalista> mmmmm..sis you taste nummy

* maggie^mae giggles

<maggie^mae> you do toooo....lick me again!

* kalista leans in close to maggie..her brown curls falling forward over her shoulders..and slides her tongue over maggies lips

* maggie^mae opens her mouf and sucks kali's tongue in

* GinoCoCo wonders if can join in that .. :)

* kalista opens her lips..and kisses maggie...her tongue moving over maggies

* maggie^mae moans softly...pressing against kali, running her hands down her back

* kalista pushes her self closer to her sis....her fingers touching her cheeks

* maggie^mae wiggles her tongue in kali's sweet mouth, still tasting the candy

* Okie_Dokie smiles, watching kali and maggie.. wondering when it will be his turn? ;o)

* kalista caresses maggies cheek....

* maggie^mae slips her hands down to kali's lil butt...cupping the softly rounded globes...pulling her closer

* kalista runs her fingers through maggie's hair....tongue exploring her sis's sweet mouth

* GinoCoCo watches as well....fingers twitching...may he have a touch as well....?

* maggie^mae rubs up and down kali's body...feeling her soft lil girl curves

* kalista moves in closer to her sis...moaning softly

* kalista fingers move through her sis's long red hair....rubbing gently..

* maggie^mae tugs her skirt up....her hands finding her way into her sis's panties....feeling the soft warm skin

* kalista pulls away from her sis's mouth and gasp's..

* maggie^mae whimpers...grinding her hips into kali's

* kalista squirms....and slides her hands down maggies back...

<maggie^mae> ooouuuu taste soooo good

* kalista feels her lil nipples go hard...against maggie...rubbing herself against her sis

* maggie^mae smiles softly at her lil sis...tugging at her shirt...pulling it off over her head

* kalista lets out a long slow breath....and gazes at her she tugs off her shirt

* kalista feels the cool air against her skin.....shivering slighlty

* maggie^mae leans down and licks at one of kali's nipples...then rubs the sucker over it slowly

* kalista bites her lower lip...a soft moan...escaping her lips

<maggie^mae> wanna make this the sweetest nipple i ever licked, kali....does that feel good?

* kalista whispers..

<kalista> 15 nite Okie..

* Okie_Dokie smiles at Maggie and asks if he may give her a goodnight kiss, too?

* maggie^mae smiles up at Okie_Dokie as she rubs the lollipop over kali's nipple......sure, Mr Okie

* kalista squirms...and smiles down at her sis...her lil nipples stiffening..

* Okie_Dokie leans over and gently plants a tender kiss on the tip of Maggie's nose "Goodnight, Angel.. I hope we meet again, soon" :o)

* maggie^mae giggles softly...fanks, Sir

<Okie_Dokie> Goodnight, girls :o) Have fun :o)

* maggie^mae leans down and licks the candy off kali's hard lil nips....purrring as she sucks

* kalista arches her back...her breasts moving up into her sis's mouth

* kalista bites her lip.her eyes...closed tight...her bottom squirming in the chair..

* maggie^mae sucks one deep into her mouth, tugging on it....slipping her fingers between kali's lil thighs

* maggie^mae whispers...15open your legs for me, sweetness....

* kalista opens her blue eyes...gazes at maggie.....

* kalista spreads her thighs....wrapping her legs around the chair

* maggie^mae smiles at her good lil sis....touching the glistening pink folds gently

<maggie^mae> mmmmmmm, you're so pretty kali....

* kalista flinches at the touch of her sis's fingers...

* kalista are you

* maggie^mae drops to her knees...her face level with her sister's sweet cunny...fingers holding her open

* kalista fingers intertwine in her sis's hair...urging her..

<maggie^mae> i wonder if you taste as sweet here...

* kalista blushes deeply.....

* maggie^mae brings her face closer...inhaling the sweet fragrance...her tongue flicking over the folds of skin

* kalista feels her lil body her sis tongue makes contact..

* maggie^mae laps at the hard lil clit...rubbing her tongue as hard as she can over the tiny lump of flesh

* kalista rocks her bottom..on the chair...her cheeks flushed...

* kalista whimpers....15 ohh sis....

* maggie^mae purrrrs as she sucks it into her mouth...rubbing a finger up and down the wet little slit slowly

* kalista feels her juices begin to her sis...rubs her..

* maggie^mae wiggles it into the tight little hole...feeling her sis tighten

* kalista feels her walls spasm on maggie's fingers...

<kalista> 15ohh maggie...

* maggie^mae presses her face against the fragrant wetness...rubbing to coat her cheeks with the sweet nectar

* kalista rocks back and forth in the chair...her fingers..pulling softly on maggie's hair...her her slit...

* maggie^mae pushes her finger in farther...feeling her little sister writhe

* kalista pushes back into the chair...her bottom moving forward...trying to take her sis's finger in deeper

* maggie^mae looks up at her precious face...her own wet with cunny juices

* kalista gazes down at her sis...

<maggie^mae> does it feel good, kali? do you want more?

<kalista> 15 ...yes please...please..sis..

* maggie^mae licks her lips...tasting the sweet wetness

* maggie^mae smiles slowly..steadily pushing her finger in till it disappears

* kalista lets out a small maggie's finger sinks deep within her

<maggie^mae> there....what a big girl you are, took it all!

<maggie^mae> taste so delicious

<kalista> it some more...

* kalista looks down at you pleadingly

* maggie^mae brings a second finger to kali's tight entrance..rubbing it in the clear juices t coat it

<maggie^mae> awww, baby....are you in a hurry?

* kalista keeps her feet wrapped around....the legs of the chair..

* kalista shakes her head noo..

* maggie^mae smiles and pushes her second fingertip in

* kalista arches her lil hole up against your finger.....

<maggie^mae> such a good lil girl, kali...

* maggie^mae presses it against the other finger...steadily pushing it deeper

<maggie^mae> do you like that, kali?

* kalista rocks against maggies finger...

<kalista> yes sis...please keep going...

* maggie^mae leans down and licks kali's clit slowly..pressing her face against the wetness again

* kalista lets out small maggies tongue touches her

* maggie^mae starts to slowly fuck two fingers in and out....purring as she laps at the sweet juices flowing around her fingers

* kalista keeps her fingers intertwined in maggies hair....

* kalista feels her walls spasm against her's sis fingers...

* maggie^mae increases the speed....bringing her thumb to press hard against the hard, throbbing lil clit

* kalista lifts her bottom off the chair...meeting maggies fingers...rubbing against her thumb

* maggie^mae thrusts her fingers hard....deep....looking up to watch her lil sister's face

* kalista looks into maggie's eyes..her face flushed...

<maggie^mae> gonna cum for me, baby? gonna cum hard?

<kalista> yes....maggie...please...

* maggie^mae rubs the hot little clit fast and hard....fucking her fingers deeper...harder...forcing half her hand into the tight lil cunny

* kalista rocks her self into maggies fingers......feeling them moving in deeper

* maggie^mae leans up and sucks hard at one of kali's nipples....tugging it

* kalista whimpers.....15ohhhh going to cum sis..

* kalista bites her lower lip...her bottom lifting off the chair..back arched her lil body she cums....all over maggies fingers...

* maggie^mae bites the tender flesh...squeezing the nipple between her teeth....adding a third finger into her sister's tight, hot, dripping cunny

* kalista moans...her walls spasming....over maggies fingers....her juices...flowing...

* maggie^mae groans as she hears her sister cum...her own cunny leaking onto her thighs...making her tremble with wanting

* kalista whimpers...her breath ragged....15ohh god...sis...

* maggie^mae holds her sister tightly...still rubbing her sweet lil clit

* kalista shudders again..and falls back against the chair.....

<maggie^mae> that's right, baby....cum for me...cum soooo good

* maggie^mae croons to her, holding her close...brushing the hair from her eyes

* kalista feels her lil hole...tighten...around maggies she funishing cumming..

<maggie^mae> such a sweet baby sweet lil sis..

* kalista feels maggies..hand on her face...turns her head..and kisses her sis's hand....licking it softly

* maggie^mae leans down and kisses kali softly

<maggie^mae> mmmmmmmm, you're so sweet

* kalista blushes...

* kalista smiles softly at maggie...

<kalista> ohh god sis, that was incredible