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Bio Section

Height: 5’10

Weight: 200 lbs.

Age: 19yrs.

Experience: 2 years


Brad brings to the ring a remarkable amount of energy everytime he has a match. He has the ability to combine both the new and old school of wrestling. Making Brad Lamen one of the hottest commodities in the World of Wrestling.


He underestimates his opponents too much. Brad feels he is the best at what he does. So when in the ring he doesn't always remember that someone could be better on a given night.

Favorite Moves:

~Lamen's Lament~ This is his Finisher, a Fireman's carry into a Split-legged Driver- ~Side PowerPlex~ A combination of a Powerbomb and a side suplex. ~Reality Check~ a Body slam into a reverse ddt.

Promotions wrestled for:

American Wrestling Alliance

Bad Boys of Wrestling

Bartholomew County Wrestling

Hoosier Pro Wrestling

Independent Championship Wrestling

Infinity Pro Wrestling

Insane Wrestling Alliance


Pro Wrestling International

Trained by:

Dory Funk Jr.

“Names” worked with:

Dory Funk Jr, Typhoon, ”The Bushwackers,” Doug Gilbert, “Tommy “Wildfire” Rich, “Kamala,” “The Sheik," Dan Severn, Dutch Mantel, Fred Curry Sr, Madman Pondo, Flash Flanagan, Rip Rogers, Bobo Brazil Jr. “Diceman” Ronnie Vegas, Nick Dinsmore, Rob Conway, California Kid, ”Playboy" Johnny Lee, Gator McAlister, Jason Lee among others.

Titles Held