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Searchable Web Resource Sites

The Internet could be one of the greatest
educational tools ever developed. To further that,
I am putting together a link page for some of the
Web's best educational resource pages I have found.

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Foreign Languages

Babylon -- Multipule Language Translator
ARTFL Project: French-English Dictionary
Welsh Searching Lexicon
Welsh Expressions
Bruidhinn ar Canan -- Gaelic lessons with pronunciation audio files
Gaelic Dictionaries Online (Scots & Irish)
Foreign Languages for Travellers (Many to choose from)
The Alternative Dictionaries (Slang phases)
Scots Gaelic College Course Online
Learner's Scots Gaelic Homepage


H-GIG Medieval History
Irish Gaelic Song Archive
Irish Literature & Verse
The Voyage of Bran (Irish)
CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts
Scottish Culture & Heritage
Hanes Cymru (Welsh History)
Encyclopedia Mythica


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