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First Generation

1. Hans Jacob HAGEY. Son of Andreas HAGE. Born 1749 in Neustadt, Germany. 

Son of Andreas HAGE.

He married Elizabeth STUMP, daughter of George STUMP. Born in PA. 

Daugher of George STUMP.
Granddaughter of Johan Julian STUMP.

They had the following children:

		i.	Abraham HAGEY; 
	2	ii.	Catherine HABEY/HAGEY
		iii.	Jacob HAGEY; Born 24 April 1775 in Montgomery Co., PA. Died 11
September 1834 in Hilltown Twp., Bucks Co., PA. Buried in Blooming
Glen Me, Bucks Co., PA. 

			He married Catherine Elizabeth GEARHART, 1797. 

Second Generation

2. Catherine HABEY/HAGEY. Daughter of Hans Jacob HAGEY & Elizabeth STUMP. Born
Before 1775 in Montomery Co., PA. 

She married Abraham MOYER, son of Abraham MOYER, 1788/1790 in Montgomery Co., PA. 
They had the following children:

	3	i.	Elizabeth MOYER
		ii.	George MOYER
		iii.	Abraham MOYER
		iv.	Susan MOYER
(See MOYER page)

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