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Canadian Finecy Family

First Generation

1. James Finecy. Born About 1800 in Newfoundland, Canada.

(LDS (LDS Research: AFN: QBHO-8C)

He married Anna Carlyle, About 1830. Born 14 August 1804
in New Brunswick, Canada. Died 21 January 1891/1897.

(LDS Research: AFN: QBHO-9J)

They had the following children:

i. -- Robert Finecy; Born 1830 in Canada.
(LDS Research: AFN: QBHO-BP)

ii. -- Edward Finecy; Born 1832 in Canada.
(LDS Research: AFN: QBHO-CV)

iii. -- James Finecy; Born 1834 in Canada.
(LDS Research: AFN: QBHO-D2)

iv. -- Eliza Finecy; Born 1836 in Canada.
(LDS Research: AFN: QBHO-F7)

v. -- Ellen Finecy; Born 1838 in Canada.
(LDS Research: AFN: QBHO-GD)

vi. -- Mary Finecy; Born 1840 in Canada.
(LDS Research: AFN: QBHO-HK)

vii. -- Kate Finecy; Born 1842 in Canada.
(LDS Research: AFN: QBHO-JQ)

viii. -- Maggie Finecy; Born 1844 in Canada.
(LDS Research: AFN: QBHO-KW)

ix. -- Jane Finecy; Born 1846 in Canada.
(LDS Research: AFN: QBHO-L3)

x. -- William Finecy; Born 1848 in Canada.
(LDS Research: AFN: QBHO-M8)

xi. -- Isabelle Finecy
(see Second Generation)

Second Generation

2. Isabelle Finecy. Born 11 June 1850 in Ontario, Canada.
Died 18 August 1928 in Lapeer, MI. Buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery.

(LDS Research: AFN: QBHO-NF)

She married Robert Little Harsen, 1 July 1873 in Wallaceburg,
Sombra Twp., Kent, Ontario, Canada.
They had the following children:

i. -- Annetta Harsen; Born 16 February 1875 in Chatham, Kent,
Ontario, Canada.


The information contained here comes from the 
Latter Day Saints databank.  

It was submitted by: 
Jane Lucas
3922 N Pantano
Tucson, AZ 85715

I am interested in finding out more about this FINECY family. 
What happened to the other children of James Finecy? Who were his parents? Where were his parents born? Are any of James' descendants named FINECY today? If you have any information to help solve any of these mysteries, please e-mail me.

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